Thursday, October 29, 2009

New project revealed

So - are you waiting to find out what the new project is? You are? Sorry for keeping you waiting so long. The man of the house has been OS so the motherhood duties have increased and the work / life balance has been - well- unbalanced. So without further teasing go and have a look here.

Yes another of those projects from an old Primarily Patchwork pattern has been removed from its protective wrapping (aka plastic bag) ready to be completed. The quilt is based on the Charlotte Gillingham quilt but the PP version is not T- shaped. It is square with about 25 beautiful blocks set on point with a sashing between and some Broderie Perse. It is a combination of appliqued and pieced blocks. Here is one of the pieced blocks that I have already done.

I'm hoping to get it ready for the exhibition next year - but I have to say I thought I had completed quite a bit more of it than I have, so there is much work to do. It's great fun rummaging through these old fabrics that I have used for it. They are mostly Civil War but have a few old fashioned florals (Robyn Pandolph early style) thrown in - they were all the rage at that time.

I have spent most of my available sewing time this week on my first MM block. Here she is so far

it is fun to stitch. The background fabric (moda bella) is fraying quite a bit so I may have to overlock the edges. I usually cut my blocks 1/2 inch bigger than necessary so when I cut them to size, the overlocking will disappear.

I have also done a tiny bit on my Beatrix sampler. I made an error placing the corner motif so that by the time I got to the edge I was a stitch out. Now I don't get really uptight about these things, but this was BUGGING me - so I pulled it all out and started again. What's wrong with that? Wouldn't you do it too? So I only got to here this month

when really I wanted to get right across the top. Oh well..such is life.

The other cool thing is that MOTH came home from Belgium with gifts. Yes a new fancy camera for me - it's very nice but I need to spend some time figuring out how it works. So my DD is very happy because I have been using hers and she was SICK OF IT. She would be happier if we swapped cameras - but that ain't gonna happen - sorry sweet P.

Number one son is starting his written VCE exams tomorrow. Not showing too many signs of stress yet - but not showing too many signs of hard work either. He's a pretty chill dude. First actual exam was last Sunday - music performance, he was very pleased with the way it went so all is well. Roll on December 4 - his last audition and also sweet P's birthday - how big will that party be!

Until next time, may all your stitches be perfect,



Karen said...

Love the new project and your MM block is coming along nicely.

Lurline said...

Is that block from The Wedding Quilt - looks familiar to me - i love it! Also your MM and cross-stitch - beautiful work and yes, I would pull it undone to achieve perfection - silly, arent we!
Hugs - Lurline♥

PatchworkRose said...

So Love the new project. Every Block is just so different. I have just read the blurb and it is an amazing work of art. So many different techniques. Have fun :-))

Janet said...

The new project is a wonderful one. I love the block you've done so far, the colours are lovely. MM is looking very good too. The BP is one I looked at awhile ago but not for now I'm afraid. For someone so busy, I'm glad you're getting that stitching time in. You'll be relieved when exams are over.

antique quilter said...

another beauty your lastest project.
A great start on your MM block. have to admit I would pull it out too, that would always bother me when I looked at it if I left it.
Dec can't come fast enough here either!
oh goodie now we will see more pictures from you hopefully !

Anonymous said...

I love the new project. Is the pattern available for purchase?

Cardygirl said...

I always coveted the stuff from will be bautiful...MMis looking good! I am with you....I would have to unpick or "reverse sew"...esp with a sampler it would not be right! Hope all goes well with your DS...mine has one to go!

Miriam said...

Your new project looks wonderful. Another great quilt from PP!!

I would have unpicked the sampler too!

Good luck for your DS and his VCE exams.

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Oh Deb, that album quilt looks like so much work (and a lot of Maths in there I'd say!). Your work is beautiful. How did the exams go? xo

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