Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back to work

already. How did that happen? Just feels like yesterday that I was trying to organise Christmas. Does it feel like that way to you too, or have I lost all perspective?

Just a few things to show you today, finished one GTASB block for the month and started to pin another. Not going to get the other three done by months end but that's OK.

I have been concentrating on Phebe. Here she is

more details over here at SSS if you're interested. Need to take a little rest from Phebe while I'm waiting for some fabrics. And besides, I feel the need to think about the next MM block.

The other project that has been keeping me busy is Lori's cheddar cheese and crackers.

It's a little quilt - I have never made one before and I'm enjoying this one. I'm on to stage three now, so it won't take too long to finish the top. It's screaming "RED BINDING" to me. What do you think?

Now, summer movies and books. The Lovely Bones (movie) - hated everything about it -gruesome and sent all the wrong messages in mho. Sherlock Holmes - a ripping yarn, loved it. And besides, you could do a lot worse than eyeballing Robert Downie Jnr for 2 hours. My kids saw Fantastic Mr Fox and really liked it.

Reading the Millenium Trilogy (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo etc.) First one OK - second one terrific, just bought number 3.

Magazines: Quiltmania - love, love, love it.

Take care,


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Milestones are achieved by inches

or in this case - fractions of inches! Remember way back in November I showed you this picture? Well I finally finished it and now it looks like this.

I'm really happy with the outcome - but boy was I slow. Sometimes I don't mind that - it's the process that I like. But other times (like now when I'm in a "finish me" state of mind) I like fast results. Hope the next one doesn't take so long.

Mind you - if I ever worked on one thing (or at most five things) at a time I'm sure I would make more progress (I think there's another maths equation in there somewhere).

My main preoccupation the last few days has been starting Phebe. Here she is so far.

It's so much fun picking fabrics for this - I'm rediscovering fabrics I'd forgotten I had - but because the pieces are little - I'm not even making a dint in the stash. I'll write some more about Phebe over at the SSS soonish.

I've also been neglecting the GTASB BOM, so I thought I'd better get going for the month.

I have to admit, my mojo has been a bit distant over these couple of holiday weeks - everyone here is a bit lethargic due to the weather and the Christmas anticlimax. So I have been enjoying passively clicking around your blogs looking at all the wonderful work you are all doing and wishing I was snowed in too! I hope you all are getting some sewing in - especially you girls in the north trying to stay warm!

Finally - some family shots if you're interested. NOS turned 18 earlier this week. It was 43.7 that day so we decided to head to a restaurant near water. His party is yet to come (I can hardly wait). Here's birthday boy
and with his gorgeous sister
Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow up?


Saturday, January 9, 2010

The girls are here

and the group blog is up and off with a bang! The Secret Sewing Sisterhood is the group's name. Eleven of us in total so hopefully there will always be something interesting there to see. Merri and Meghan already have their first posts up. I'm sure I've said many times how lucky I am to have this group - well when you see what they're up to I'm sure you will agree.

Most of the things I've been up to are not postable - preparing a quilt to send to the quilters, setting up the blog, thinking.........nothing that you can photo. But I have finished my next MM block.

I like this one quite a bit. Also starting to prepare the background for Phebe. Here is my choice

It's from the Valley Forge line.

I've also been trying to create a mosaic. Here's my first attempt. Not perfect - but OK.

Thanks so much to Andi for the info about how to do it. Check out her photos. They're much more pro than mine.

Oh and if you are in the market for a Doll's quilt Lori has a great one that she is posting the pattern for.

Not sure yet how I'm going to split my posts between here and the SSS blog.........I'll have to sew twice as fast!

Stay cool,


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

to all. I hope it's going to be a wonderful year for you. I'm looking forward to a year that's a little less stressful than 2009, a little less work and a lot more pleasure. We'll see if it happens. First thing I need to do is practice saying the word NO at work. Wish me luck!

I haven't got any grand plans for 2010 - I'm happy to continue with my current projects until the mood strikes me take on something new. Well actually, I am going to start Phebe but I'm counting this as a 2009 plan rather than 2010.

I managed to get my GTASB block finished last night.

Next months pack arrived during the week - it looks delish.

Have no more new work to show you - it's been too hot to sew much. But I will show you this quilt because 2010 is the year it gets on the wall. And it fits in with the posts Cathy and Joan have submitted recently. Hope you gals like my blue and white china collection.

I love it more than any I have made but it's been sitting in a cupboard waiting to be quilted for years! So I need to do it don't you agree? Here's a detail.

It started out as a BOM - but I ditched most of the fabrics they sent with it. Mainly kept the backgrounds and substituted the applique fabrics as I found them. It was fun to choose just the right pieces for each pot. Took a couple of years but I was in no hurry. Here's another bit.

And of course the new banner is another detail.

I'm sure I had more things to tell you - but my head is surprisingly empty. Must be all the R & R I'm getting over the Christmas - NY down period.

Looking forward to seeing all your wonderful 2010 projects,