Saturday, April 30, 2011


Well almost. Have been in and out so much lately I have barely had enough time to pick up a needle. But since it is the last day in April, I thought I would drop in and say hello just for fun.

We have just returned from 7 days at Byron Bay - took the whole family up to Bluesfest (a five day music festival). This was my first time and I have to tell you it won't be my last! It was a musical delight, made better by seeing some acts I didn't know who turned out to be stunning!

I confess to being a Bob Dylan disciple - have been for nearly all my life, so seeing him was amazing (not the first time for me but it was for my kids), Elvis Costello who I also love was great too. But it was the others like Mavis Staples and Buffy St.Marie who you would have to say are no spring chickens, that blew me away. I also heard some Aussie talent - Wolfmother (I love them too), Washington was good and the RocKwiz live show all made the event really enjoyable.

And I send out my Congrats to the organisers - an extremely well run festival in terms of catering, facilities etc. It was fabulous!

Of course I took plenty of sewing to do - but wasn't at the cabin for many minutes, so did none!

What I can show you is my second completed block for Kim's Lollipop trees.

I'm well into the third block now - will show you shortly. It's so relaxing to sew - really enjoying it.

And block 4 of Imperial Blooms arrived

It will be so much fun when I really get going on it - but it' not happening now.

Not much else to tell for now, but a couple of things are in the air. More on that later.

Until next time,
Happy sewing,

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Very jealous

of those of you who were able to attend the exhibition of red and white quilts - it appeared to be absolutely amazing. Thank you to all those who posted photos. It was very much appreciated.

I am looking forward to attending one of our large annual quilt shows next weekend. Although not as spectacular as the red and white exhibiton, it is usually very enjoyable and inspiring.

In fact, last year one of my favourite quilts was a version of the Wickersham quilt. To my amazement, the lovely Sue-Anne from Buddy & Me remembered that I was after the book when she found out that one had become available! So thanks Sue-Anne. I am now the proud owner of

This quilt is a project which is now towards the top of the list!

Still working away at my current projects. Nearly done with Block 2 of Lollipop trees

and enjoying it. It is easy sewing and the colours are pure happiness.

I wasn't going to post about Sallie Ann until I'd finished panel 4 - but it's so close I couldn't resist

You can really see the curve starting to - well - curve. I'm going to have a short break from it now to finish aforementioned lollipop block 2.

Hope to have some Quilt show photos for you next time.

Until then, happy sewing,