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I need to get back to work!

You can get into a lot of trouble on the internet if you don't have enough work to do. Seriously. Trust me. I've done it.
So many great projects there, beautiful fabrics and yarns of all kinds, and creative people to follow.  But you need to boost your willpower before you look - so much temptation. Mine goes out the window at this time of year and I get excited about projects that I want to start for the year.
This summer I have been really drawn to some knitting projects.......but more of that in another post.
 For a long time, I have had my eye on this wonderful quilt

so I thought I might have this bubbling along  beside the other projects that I have.
 I sort of have an idea of the colours I want to use......starting with these.

GORGEOUS....can't wait to start - but I need to wait for the papers to come.......stay tuned!
Last week I decided that I needed to get out of town for a few days, so we took a short trip to the Goldfields region of Victoria.  We stayed at a lo…

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