Saturday, October 10, 2009

Value adding

or turning credit card debt into beautiful works of craft. Seems like ages since I was here, hope you have all been well and happy. I have been chipping away at a few projects but not making enough progress to report on really. I am trying to keep up to date with the GTASB BOM, because I would really like to have it finished at the end of the program. When this months came I thought it looked like quite a bit of sewing and I was right, although it is quite easy.

The first block is a lovely hexagon panel

I just pieced mine, but Lurline is english paper piecing which looks like fun.

The other two blocks are called tulip blocks. I have finished one and will do the other next week.

My main preoccupation though is appliqueing the setting triangles for the PA quilt. These all look the same - so not much to show. Nearly finished and then I can get on to the last of the blocks.

The next two blocks for this quilt are here.

Anyone who is doing the CWB will know that there are many leaves on block 2. Well yes there are and I find trying to get a balance between variation in the colours and not making it look like a "random collection of every green fabric I have" quite difficult. I haven't quite finished but here it is so far.

OOps - it's sideways - can you tilt your head to the left?
I will post on the CWB blog when it is done - hopefully tomorrow. It does look like a jumble right now, but I think it will be OK when stitched.

The postperson continues to beat a path to my door (so exciting). Since I last saw you, he brought the background for my Mary Mannakee quilt. I'm really going to have fun with this. Have a look at Kathie's and Janet's versions for some inspiration. This is what I'm thinking for block 1.

These lovely things also came. The fabric I bought for my stash since Hancock's were having such a great sale. The book is one that Kathie recommended and it looks great. Can't wait to start reading that one. The yarn is for a crocheted scarf made of granny squares. The colours are dusty and beautiful, but I think it can go away until next winter. Can't imagine that I will need a woolly scarf for awhile. It came from a lovely store in Wangaratta called Sackville & Lane. They sell beautiful yarn and some patchwork fabrics and sewing things. Well worth a visit if you are up that way.

I assure you - this is rather more than usual shopping activity for me. And yes there is more on the way (but don't tell anybody).

My lovely friend also sent me these beautiful green fabrics.

How lucky am I? My MM quilt is going to be filled with these lovely fabrics.

So that's me done. Lots to do for the coming week and I have secret sewing here next Saturday. I'm really looking forward to that one.

Oh - and just in case you have the need of a new pattern, go have a look at Threadbear. My friend Di has just rereleased another of her old patterns called 19th C baskets. It's a beauty.

Happy sewing,


PS. Can anybody suggest words that I can use other than beautiful, lovely and gorgeous? I'm running out of adjectives.


Janet said...

Just as well our dollar is looking better Deb. I got that book recently and like it very much, a great one for the library. Your blocks are coming along and are looking good, the greens for the CWB look great but I know what you mean about balancing them. Words, might have to start making some up. Teenagers seem to just use one for everything, like "sweet".

antique quilter said...

Oh I just love those blocks your working on from the Pa quilt
is it from an antique quilt?
ah yes your going to love that book, glad you bought it! Balancing greens has been hard for me too, can't wait to see your block.
Your bom blocks look great too
glad you found time this week to sew!

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

What a beautiful post Deb, full of colour and all your different blocks, wow!! I'm loving that the Aussie dollar is so good at the moment. I'm waiting for the postie to bring me some Love at the moment...Amy Butler style! xo

PatchworkRose said...

Hi about Stunning spectacular, fantastic, delicious.. Just love your blocks and fabric purcases. I have some of the red floral.
Happy sewing and have a spectacular, productive day

wishes, true and kind said...

LOL -- I was thinking the same thing the other day -- that I am running out of adjectives. Thanks for sharing all the lovely bits and pieces of your projects. It's fun to see works in progress.

Meredith said...

I understand working away without much progress to show. Nice fabric selection and I would be interested to hear about the book

Karen said...

Wonderful post Deb and I love the words beautiful, lovely and gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Glad I found your blog, came here via Janet.
So many fantastic, amazing quilts to be made.


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