Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quilt show photos

Well hi everyone - I hope you're all well and getting some quality stitching time. After thinking about starting an MM block - I had a change of heart and decided to get going on Phebe's applique borders. Nearly finished number one so I will show you next post. In the meantime I have some photos from Essendon quilter's show for you. For our non Aussie friends - we don't have too many antique quilts, so our shows are mostly new quilts.

This is Kerry's quilt - and here is a close up

I took a photo of her tag

so you could see that this is the first SSS quilt we made.

I think this quilt (below) won a prize at the show

Some of you will recognise it as Homage to Sallie Anne - a Primarily Patchwork design.

A lovely simple quilt in Pennsylvania Dutch colours

Some nice thirties style quilts on show. I like the fresh colours of these.

This is a small oak leaf and reel

A couple of quilts designed by Robyn Falloon

I liked these repro quilts

And these ones just looked good to me

The AQC is coming up this weekend. This is one of the big Melbourne annual quilt shows - I'll try to get some photos of that one too.

Back to Phebe................take care.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Phebe Ta-Dah!

Got there quicker than expected. How often does that ever happen! Hope you like her.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Post Easter Post

Hello everyone - whether or not you celebrate Easter, I hope you had a fabulous break with plenty of time to spend with family and your favourite sewing project.

Easter is the holiday I love the most - no, not because of the chocolate - but because the weather in Melbourne is so glorious at this time of the year. And also because it is a long enough break to do something without being too long. The Uni shuts Friday through Tuesday and the kids are on holidays from school. I took an extra days leave on Thursday - and made the road trip to sewing at Clare's accompanied by my darling daughter and two of her friends. It was a lively ride! We had a great day - thanks Clare, I really needed you all.

NOS took off camping with his mates - the rest of us plus another of NOD's friends took off to Apollo Bay for a few days. A lovely seaside town - very relaxing. Of course I always pack plenty of sewing when I go away - and actually do - none. When will I learn?

Nevertheless, here is a little progress to show

these are the last of the GTASB for March. The April pack arrived

and very exciting, has the making up instructions, so when I have finished these blocks I will start putting together the top and then I guess the borders will come in May. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed this project, I will be glad to finish it since I have many jobs to do before the exhibition.

I am putting the last couple of pieces on my Phebe centre - finally found the last bits of fabric to do the job - believe me I auditioned many! In the meantime I have been getting some of the other frames done - like this one

I love the pink in this. It's from Windham - called New Nation.

After this is all together I will start the applique borders. But to tell you the truth - I'm missing my MM project, so I think I will do a block of that first.

And since I haven't talked flowers for some time - here are some snaps

a new hibiscus I just planted

a rose I put in a year ago - it's a beauty - repeat flowering - very prolific -called Many Happy Returns.

Another new plant - a Delbard rose, gorgeous old fashioned shape and yellow colour.

And finally a book I bought. I love bulbs and this is a major reference on the subject - superb photos. It is written for the USA but I can deal with not having an Australian climate map in there - I have plenty already - so it shouldn't be a problem.

I hope you enjoy the lovely weather if you are in Melbourne. I promise to have Phebe up on the weekend.

Take care and happy gardening,


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