Monday, November 2, 2009

A quick update

on the Antique wedding quilt. Pulled out this block

to work on next. As you can see it's almost there but the leaves in the corners and the star in the middle still need to be stitched. I think there is also a bit of broderie perse on this one too. That may have to wait until the end unless I can find some suitable fabric to use in my stash.

If you haven't seen Alma Allen (Blackbird designs) blog yet - take a trip over (link on the sidebar). She has some beautiful things there and does great tutorials on making all sorts of handcrafted pieces. Last week she made a fabric covered box - hers was very old fashioned, I had to try one but mine is colour infused!

Kaffe on the outside and some beautiful paper I bought from Zeta Florence (Brunswick Street, Fitzroy) on the inside.

I'd had my eye on their beautiful stationary for some time and was just waiting for an excuse to buy some. If you like stationary it is heaven there.

This one was a trial and I learned a couple of things on the way. A tip - if you are going to try - pick a smaller box than mine. It is about 9 inches tall (I didn't realise until later that Alma's was only 3). The technique is the same, but the larger pieces are harder to manipulate. So I have a few bubbles and crinkles. All up it probably took an hour and a half - but it would be much quicker with a smaller box.

Jean has also made a beautiful box - have a look at Linen and Raspberry (over on the sidebar).

Off to the coal mine now,

Have a great day,



Liz said...

I love that block Deb, fabulous colours. I have a heart shaped box I was thinking of covering after I read Alma'a post, gorgeous aren't they?

wishes, true and kind said...

Thanks for the great tip. For some things, working with larger sizes is easier, and I think that's what I would have thought in the case of these boxes. I like your color-infused box.

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Love that block Deb, and stunning box you have made her, I love the fabric outside and the gorgeous paper inside. xo

Janet said...

I love seeing your beautiful blocks, this one is no exception. I have a box or two on my list, as soon as I can get to the shops. I love the Kaffe and the paper is really special. I thought about doing a coat of matt mod podge to the paper to help protect it.

jean said...

Your box is just lovely, I love the paper you have used. One can certainly use a myriad of ideas from here.

Anonymous said...

Love the block and what a beautiful box.


PatchworkRose said...

Just love the fabric in your box and the stationary well it is birds so I need say no more. Your whole box has the personality of Spring :-) Love the block too

Cardygirl said...

Love the block....I am going looking for boxes today!Yours looks stunning both inside & out!

Kim said...

Deb I LOVE your box! Gorgeous fabric and that paper is wonderful!! Just lovely!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking you hardly ever sleep Deb. What lovely work you do. I can't wait to see the Wedding Sampler all together- another one for the "hanging"

Pirate's Art Blog said...

Very creative posst

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