Sunday, August 12, 2012

Not many words but a few photos

Hello lovely bloggers. Today I had an epiphany.. takes me awhile to remember things I knew once and then promptly forgot.

Nothing earth shattering mind. Only that I can post photos of things that are in progress, rather than things that are finished. It seems that this is better than radio silence for weeks on end.

Seriously, how thick am I? Don't answer......... I know you already know.  So are a few things unfinished.


 Work in progress on the Antique Wedding Sampler (above and below).

 A couple of weeks ago I attended a quilt show in Melbourne.  Didn't buy too much fabric (just this below)

But I did buy some yarn...I have a hankering (lol) for yarn at the moment! This is a scarf I am making with Noro Sekku.  It is beautiful, but so slow....very fine yarn.

What else is happening?  I'm really looking forward to meeting Sue Spargo at a workshop my friend Ann and I are going to in a couple of weeks.  My sample piece is called Leaf Play Too.  It started off like this

and now looks like this.

Quite a bit of prep for this class but I think it will be really worth it. The first couple of rows look a bit wonky in this photo..........better get the ruler out.

OK, OK, I know you want to see quilts.  Here is one of may faves from the quilt show.

 I think this is quite unusual. I just love it.

Ant the one below, well it is by our lovely friend Helen Hayes, from a pattern by our lovely friend Di Hall.  A beautiful version Helen. You go girl!

Hope you are enjoying whatever  you are working on now!