Sunday, May 26, 2019

A Ball of Pink Fluff

My New Year's Eve cast on used this gorgeous yarn from la Bien Aimee.

The yarn is Merino Singles and Mohair Silk, both in the colour Highgarden.  It is a gorgeous colour!

The garment I chose to knit with it is The Elton Cardigan by Joji Locatelli.

The garment took 3.5 weeks to knit and 1.5 weeks for me to find some time to block. So it was done by early February right?

Well not quite - I finally sewed the buttons on yesterday (yep I know, a starter not a finisher, lol)!

I did manage to wear it (sans buttons) and it was warm and dreamy.  It's a little pink ball of fluff.  It weighs 175 gms with 6 buttons!

Hello everyone! If anyone is actually still out there.  Yes I know it's been a long time and the world has moved on from blogging. Snapchat, Instagram - so many platforms where people can upload photos.  I have been using Instagram for some time now and it certainly keeps pace with our busy lives: upload a photo and move on.  But in some sense it is unsatisfying, insubstantial, disposable.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a number of lovely women (you know who you are) who asked me about this blog and expressed their sadness at its demise.  I was quite surprised and touched at this and so I have decided to give it another shot. Let's see how it goes.

Of course many things have happened since I last blogged and there is no possible way to catch up. So occasionally I will add some Memories  so I can fill in some gaps.

Memory:  I have made a couple of brief trips to Paris in the last year or so.  I do love Paris and find new things to see and do every time I go.  More on that another day.  But last year I visited la Bien Aimee for the first time and met the lovely Aimee.

It's a gorgeous store and Aimee was very friendly and helpful.  I visited there again just a few weeks ago; for me it was a must visit destination. Just off the plane - booked in to the hotel and then straight to the store since it was the only day it was open during my short trip.

I did some preplanning, so I knew what I wanted to buy.

Nearly done with the yarn I purchased there and very happy with the way it is proceeding. Stay tuned.

I have been playing around with the blog template so this is a work in progress.

That's it for now. I hope you all are well and happy and still making wonderful things.

Until next time,



Bricolosdulundi said...

So funny To read you are a starter not a are really my twin!
It takes me months To put buttons on a finished "made by me"..
As you come often To paris, next time come and visit me...

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A Ball of Pink Fluff

My New Year's Eve cast on used this gorgeous yarn from la Bien Aimee. The yarn is Merino Singles and Mohair Silk, both in the co...