Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pennsylvania and Beatrix

Something (almost) finished gives me a feeling of achievement. I have to admit that I am very good at starting but not good at finishing. I try to set myself goals - finish X before you start Y - works sometimes but not always.

But I have finished the top of the Bullseye quilt - which is now ready to go to the quilter. I really like the idea of hand quilting, and have completed a couple of quilts, but time is limited and if I have the choice between making a new piece or quilting an old one - I will always choose the former. And also, my 13 year old DD is very impatient and wants it NOW! No photo of it today - sorry. I'll have to get the ladder out to do it and I wasn't up for it today.

I have also ordered 9.5 yards (yes that's right 9.5 yards) of red batik for the back of DNQTTQ. It's so big I need three drops - what should I do with the leftovers?

I joined the Civil War Bride group this week (hi Lizzie and crew). Haven't posted there yet though. I bought the starter pack at the last quilt show but that's all. I am waiting on the pattern and backing to come and then I'll be off and running. You can find the blog here. The completed blocks contributed so far are really beautiful. Check it out!

So while I'm waiting for that to get going, I have pulled out an old unfinished project to work on. I have appliqued most of the blocks but still have a bit of work to do. I just need to remember where I was up to. Here are some photos of the centre.

The quilt was originally called Pennsylvania applique, but later changed name to Poppies. I started it in a class at Primarily Patchwork many years ago, but stopped working on it when the class finished.

And also, let me show you this

It's the reason I started to be interested in blogs. It is Beatrix Potter's Quaker. I joined the SAL in December 2008 - the idea was that we started stitching on Jan 1 2009 and I guess to finish by the end of the year. Not sure I'll quite get there, but I'll get close. You can see some other versions here. They are very pretty.

I hope you have a creative week,



Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tradition with a Twist

About a year and a half ago, I found this picture of a beautiful old quilt and knew I had to make it.

I love red and green quilts and I thought this one wold be achievable in my lifetime. I took the photo along to my quilt group and they were all eager to join in the fun. One of the girls wasn't at the meeting, but we told her it was a simple applique piece - not too hard because the pieces were large. When she finally saw the picture she said - "I don't think Deb's quite telling the truth". Hence the quilt became known (affectionately) as the "Deb's not quite telling the truth quilt". The problem now was - how do I draw it? I have trouble with straight lines let alone curves! But with the help of the trusty photocopier and a plan printer I have access to at work - I managed to reproduce a pattern the same size as the finished quilt.

It's a large quilt - 90 x 104 inches. Merri (who named the quilt) was the first to finish. She has done hers in repro fabrics - red and brown and green - it just came back from the machine quilter and looks stunning. The other girls are in various stages of completion, working on it at the same time as some other projects, some decided not to start it just yet. I have just finished my top. We debated over whether or not to put the vine around the central medallion. I was going to and had it pinned on, but when I saw Merri's (which does not have the vine) I took it off because the quilter had done some beautiful designs in the space.

OK - so I'm going to show you the central medallion of mine. I have no idea how to photograph the whole thing - but I'll try to do it when it's quilted.

Hmmmmm....did you think it would be red and green on white? Well so did I! But when I was thinking about it I found this great background fabric (it's not photographing well - it's a grey/chocolate colour). At the same time, I found a picture of a Brazillian appliqued sofa which was plain colours on a plain background. Very graphic and stunning. So I thought I would try it. The fabrics I have used for applique are batiks and fossil ferns. I'm in two minds about the result. I really like the quilt I've made, but now I'm still hankering for a traditional red and green. Here's a shot of the corner

The big decision now is what will I do for the backing? I'm thinking a red batik. Can't wait to send it off to the quilter!

And for those of you who are interested in the granny progress.....

Hope you're having a great week......


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hi Everyone!

Yippee - I have followers! I'm so excited because I was a bit worried I was talking to myself, alone in the whole world. Thanks so much to Kathie for your tips. And to Jean and Lizzie and Kim for coming over to read my blog. You can find links to all their beautiful blogs over on the sidebar.

I have had a bit of a lazy week this week. Busy work days mean when I get home I am a bit floppy and look for easy things to do. So the granny squares have had my attention. Easy on the brain and the eyesight. I would say they have me hooked (but that would be a terrible pun) so I won't.

Here is the ever growing pile.......

Don't those ends look daunting? Sewing them in is my least favourite job.

The highlight of the week was meeting with my quilting gang yesterday. They are such great fun and I always come home with my mood enhanced - that may also have something to do with the fabulous food we always devour at these meetings.

I am between quilting projects right now - but I promise there will be lots of pictures coming.

One quilt I have nearly finished is for my daughter (my gang hasn't seen it yet since it is all machine sewn and for the gang meetings we mainly take handwork). Last year we renovated her room. Her chosen colour scheme, red and white, screamed out for a new quilt. It's nearly done - have a look.....

It only needs to be set into a background square. Won't have time to do that today though - maybe next week. I have used mainly Sturbridge scarlets and a pattern called Indiana rising sun by Michelle Yeo. You can find here patterns here.

I hope you have an enjoyable and productive week,

Cheers, Deb

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Colour Palette

Well I did manage to get over to my wool shop and buy the extra colours I needed for my blanket.

Here they are:
The colours look fabulous together. Very bright and cheerful. I made some more granny squares last night

These little guys are quite addictive.

While I was in town yesterday I found a new wool/craft shop. It's a big open space upstairs at Australia on Collins - they run classes and drop in groups and have their own brand of Australian wool which is quite beautiful. They also have some Patons, Cleckheaton, Noro, Rowan. Well worth a visit. It's called Morris and Sons.

On an unrelated matter, I'm throwing in this picture of a quilt block

I am lucky enough to belong to the most fabulous quilt group. You'll be hearing much more about these girls. Di suggested we make a quilt to give to one of the bush fire victims. We have each made 2 of these blocks. My first has already gone so I thought I'd snap this one before it goes too.

Until next time.....

Saturday, August 8, 2009

First post..........the post that hurts the most!

Any of you who are familiar with The Mighty Boosh will recognise the title. Although I am not sending my "new moves" through the post - it is still apt.

I have been procrastinating about whether or not to start a blog - and then wondering how I want it to look, for over six months now. Finally I've decided it's time. I get so much pleasure and inspiration from other blogs I decided it's time to give something back. I hope that you will get some inspiration from my stuff at some point in time.

I won't promise to be a regular - daily - blogger, but if I can show you something once a week - that will do.

So where to start? I have so many projects on the go it would take forever to show you. So I will start with a project I began last night. A granny square blanket. It has been forever since I crocheted but I am really enjoying it. There is a lot of wonderful crochet around right now. My inspiration is Lucy at Attic 24. You can find her fabulous blog here.

So without further ado.........

I am not the best photographer - and the colours here aren't true. The blue edge is actually a dark teal. I'll need to work on that. I'm using Heirloom 8 ply easycare which is very easy to work with and quite inexpensive. It is a little stiff and I've already rubbed a whole on my finger. I'm adding some more colours today so I will show you the whole colour palette next week.

That's it for today - hope you like!