Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My bad Carma continues

I won't fill you in on all the gory details, the short version is whilst taking my car to prepare for trade in, it broke, big time. So I've been carless for nearly three weeks now and it's really starting to bug me. To make things worse, the car I was about to buy turned out to be not a good deal so I'm back to square minus one. Lucky I have my sewing group to look forward to - borrowed the MOTH's car to get to our group on Saturday - it broke on the way home. Now some would call that an unfortunate coincidence - the MOTH wasn't one of them. Luckily he managed to read every Peugot manual in existence and by the end of the weekend it appears to be working. I'm staying far away.

Now on to the real reason I'm here, before getting ready for work. I often think of old style battles before I go to work at this time of the year. You know the kind - when the troops woke up, had a cup of tea, and then started charging at an appointed time. It's a bit like that at work - every morning I need to brace for the coming onslaught. But again I digress.

Had a fabulous day at sewing Saturday - very rowdy - funny - creative - absolutely enjoyable in every way. It really lifted my spirits (until the car thing) thanks girls - you are all angels.

Phebe is coming along, but the little bits don't appear as much progress

I really love this quilt with a passion. My stash is very old and the oldest pieces were bought at Di's shop so I'm sticking to her fabric choices when I can. I know that's copying, but hey - why tamper with perfection. Besides I'm all decisioned out by the end of the day and I don't want to stuff it up. Darling girl even gave me some of her favourite pink fabric for the main flowers. It's a really stunning colour. Thanks Di, I'm ready to chop into it. Also the beautiful red in the central flower. I'm leaving the urn out for now and I'm on the hunt for just the right piece. It doesn't impede progress since I can work around it completely.

My other progress was finishing my CC&C top

I really like it and I'm no longer looking for the mistakes or the mismatched corners. Thought about basting it for quilting and then realised I didn't have any backing - der - it can wait.

Why are both my pictures crooked? I really am losing it.

That's me done - better get ready to charge. I hope your week is peaceful, enjoyable and without vehicular mishap.

Breath deeply,


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Only time for quick posts right now

since work is so busy. I come home at night too exhausted to think let alone sew.

But I did have a minute today to get most of my CC&C quilt together.

I cheated a bit.....the rows aren't sewn together yet but you get the overall picture. I'm such a dill - I can't even figure out if my colour placement is OK. Even though I was careful I still think I got it wrong...Lori HELP!!! Or any of you who have also made this - does it look right to you?

Either way - too late now and I do like it. I hope to get it put together and basted over the next couple of weeks. I've already ordered the red binding (he he).

That's it - minute's over. Hope you're all having a blast....I'll be joining you shortly........I have a couple of celebrations to catch up on and some R&R.

Take care,


Sunday, February 7, 2010

So good to have a few minutes

to drop by and say hi. Busy time at work getting all our new students (and returning ones) into classes, sorting out staffing issues and so on. By the time I hit home at night and catch up with the family it's just about bedtime.

Still I have some small progress to show. Hope these projects are not getting too ho hum for you.

GTASB - still trying to catch up with last months blocks. The second igloo block is done

and I have three flower blocks to do.

But of course, this months installment is here and I want to jump in.

Phebe is coming along too

Over the last 12 months or so my main project was DNQTTT - which did not have many different fabrics in it, and all of them were batik. As a consequence, I didn't buy too much repro fabric and missed some really beautiful collections. Of course with Phebe - I need quite a bit of variety of the repro kind so I have been replenishing my stocks with glee! Now my cupboards are overflowing and I have lots of options for Phebe. I even managed to get a piece of the lovely dirty teal that Di used for the grassy mound. Still haven't picked an urn though. I'll have to do some farcheological excavation (that's digging through old buried fabric - real word - true) to see if I can find a suitable piece.

I've also been tinkering with Lori's cheddar cheese and crackers - it's fun and the only machining I'm doing atm.

Everyone agrees that this should have red binding it seems - great - one decision made.

Haven't had much time to work on my baskets - but a package arrived from a dear friend last week.

You may not be able to see how many squares there are here - but I tell you - it looks like there is enough for a whole quilt. It was extremely generous of her to send me these and I'm keen to get going.

So that's me done. Because I've been so busy I haven't had time to leave many comments on your blogs or answer emails- but believe me - I've been stalking you and am always amazed and inspired by how much beautiful work you do. And I'm also amazed at how cold it gets in some parts of the US - and the snow! Makes for stunning pictures even if your toes are freezing!

Ciao for now,


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