Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ding Dong!......better than Avon

Yes the postman is such a frequent visitor that the neighbours are starting to worry. Here's me up to my ankles in good gear. Note the very clean floor from my recent spring cleaning.

So you need a closer look? First up is GTASB month 5.

Looks like a fair bit of sewing in there this month. Lurline photographed this beautifully along with a picture of the whole quilt. Why tamper with perfection? Check out her shots here. Even though her fabrics are the same I bet we end up with blocks that are quite different.

A couple of books. Kaffe's latest - I love everything that man does even if I never make anything (which of course I will) it is pure pleasure to look.

Cathy has some shots from inside the book. Check it out here.

The other book is quite old and I have wanted it for a long time. Haven't had a chance to look inside yet but I can't wait.

These fabrics are called 19th century reds. The colour is washed out - but trust me it is really red.

They are lovely - I'm collecting for MM. And these reds are Quaker quilts with a couple of other bits I had to have.

The reds in the Quaker group have a bit more zing than the 19th C but they go beautifully together.

Still haven't done much sewing - work, kids, bit of a social life, but I thought I would show you some more flowers just to show the doubting Tomas's out there that I have more than one.

Foxgloves outside my study window.

California poppies that grew from seed I sprinkled at the wrong time of the year - aren't they a gorgeous gold?

We had a lot of irises with plenty of leaves but no flowers. So I dug them all out and replanted. This one has flowered (obviously). I hope some of the others do too.

Isn't this dutch iris a pretty one? See where my love of green and purple comes from?

Oh and the long grass is courtesy of the genius who stole our lawn mower a few weeks back - honestly!

So proud of my flowers, I'm really not a gardener. So a question for those who are.....when Dutch Iris have finished blooming should I chop off the dead flowers? Any advice appreciated. Uh Oh.......doorbell..I wonder who that could be?

Cheers, Deb


antique quilter said...

oh deliveries from the postman nothing better when its fabric or quilt books! he can keep the bills
oh I need to get that Roots and Feathers book out again
yes I bought Kaffe's book too and vow to make that quilt on the cover, with repros of course!
his color sense is just amazing to me I love sitting and looking thru all his books.
flowers are beautiful....I am not a gardner either unless its appliqued!!!!
Love that quaker quilts red line, are you happy with it?

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Oh I love deliveries, I get a lot of them too! I've just joined the gtsb (or whatever it's name is, I can never get it right!!), and have just had block 1 delivered, can't wait to start! Your reds are looking great, and as for your flowers...did you say you weren't a gardener, I don't believe you!!! xo

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Oh, and thanks for the link to my blog xo

Cardygirl said...

I am so tempted by GTASB but am holdingfirm at present! I am expecting some mail next week...oops! Your flowers are the california poppies & foxgloves. Enjoy your purchases!

Liz said...

Lovely post, so exciting when the postman rings - or for me when I find the little card in my PO box! I have a few things to share later today too. As to the Dutch Iris, I always chop the dead flower stem off but leave the leaves to rot and die down (bit of a tongue twister there), it works for me!

wishes, true and kind said...

Love the 19th century and Quaker reds. Very pretty! And your flower pics are gorgeous.

Merri said...

Wow Deb

You and your card has been active. I know the feeling. Postman always rings twice you know!


Unknown said...

Yes, you can deadhead the flowers but leave the leaves b/c they gather nutrition all summer for the next year.

Kathi said...

I've come visiting due to Kathie's encouragement, and have totally enjoyed myself. I love the PA applique and triangle quilt that you have shown in past posts. You said it was from a class- do you know if the pattern is available anywhere?

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