Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slow and steady

What a glorious morning it is here after days of unseasonally cold and wet weather in Melbourne. Of course if you live in Melbourne, you welcome the rain because it's not something we have very often. The garden is certainly happier for it.

School holidays here so I am dividing my time between working and home and keeping up with what the DD and DS are up to. So not much stitching of any sort really. I did however spend most of a rainy Sunday in my room cleaning....well I couldn't put a foot anywhere without stepping on something, so it had to be done.

Being the end of the month, I spent a couple of nights working on my BP sampler, so I had some progress to report on the SAL blog. Here it is - heading into the home stretch.

Still working on the PA quilt, but I'm sewing the setting triangles, they are repetitive so you don't want to see them again. But here are the next two blocks. The red and green one is my favourite.

I have also put a few more crochet squares together ( but haven't been back to the shop to get the dark teal for the border) and cut out the templates for CWB Block 2. So small progress but not for showing. But beware - there may be an avalanche coming.

Enjoy your week,



Dixie Howard said...

Love your BP sampler. My 25 year old daughter just finished hers and did it in raw linen with brown thread. It turned out beautifully and she is getting ready to frame it herself. I really like the red thread that you used. What kind of thread and color is it?

Dixie (California)

Lurline said...

Your sampler is so beautiful - what an heirloom!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Janet said...

You sre doing well with the BP sampler, there are quite a few coming in on the home stretch now.
The two blocks are looking lovely too. Hanging out for some rain here.

Liz said...

Ooooh, looking forward to that avalanche! LOL. I like the red and green best too.

antique quilter said...

oh my these blocks get better and better. This quilt is going to be fun seeing all together.
I love the red and green block too!
I really like the background fabric your using.
have to admit never being a fan to that fabric but now I want to make a quilt using it. The fabric gives the quilt the aged look I am always looking for !
so can you tell me once more whose fabric is it?
the stitchery is beautiful
just beautiful

Nat Palaskas said...

Lovely sampler in red. The applique block are gorgeous too. Enjoy the school holiday - Hugs Natima

Cardygirl said...

The BP sampler is gorgeous...your blocks are gorgeous too!Enjoy the family time in the school hols!

Karen said...

I love the red and green one too!!

Unknown said...

WHat lovely work you do!!! My eyes aren't what they used to be so cross stitch on linen is no longer possible, sigh!!! Love the colors in the blocks you showed.

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