Just like riding a bike!

Well it has been so long since I lasted posted I had to stop and think how to do it.  But really it is like riding
a bike....once you know how it's hard to forget completely.

Having said that....some bits are a bit rusty and this is taking some time!

It has been such a busy and eventful year it is not possible to revisit all the happenings, and to be truthful, there are some that are too painful to convey. But that's life, huh?

On the sewing front, I have been more productive than I think I have (lol)...I have been working hard on the current Sue Spargo BOM...time consuming but extremely enjoyable.  Sue does ask that photos of her current BOM are not posted, and I fully respect that right....but doesn't make for frequent blogging!

Neither does a project that has repetitive elements...but two borders of my Jennie Cleland quilt completed needs some fanfare I think!

I like the way this is coming together......only two borders to go.

 Another section of my Frida quilt is completed....nothing like a deadline looming to focus the mind!

Starting to come together.....I'm liking it a lot!

So that's me........hope all has been well in your world.



Dorothy said…
I'm making Sue's BOM too and find it takes up most of the month. I love your borders, they look great.
MJinMichigan said…
I love everything you're working on. I'm getting close to finishing Sue's In Full Bloom. I have been collecting Folk-Tails but won't let myself start it until IFB is finished. I must say the wait is killing me! Your red and green borders are fabulous. Is there a pattern available for that quilt?
Julee said…
love of your work in progress....
Margaret said…
Everything is lovely! Love the Frida quilt -- and everything else too! I'm sad about Sue Spargo's request not to show pictures of the BOM. I understand, but I'm sad too. Glad you are on Instagram!
Nyla said…
So nice to hear from you again. Love your borders, they are going to look great and really like your hexie borders for the Frida quilt too. I always love seeing what you are working on!
Teresa Rawson said…
Love, LOVE, LOVE your Cleland quilt and borders! Nice to see you posting...

Wonderful applique borders, they are so stunning and so is your hexie project. Love it.
Karen said…
Oh that Jennie Cleland is GORGEOUS!!!
Karen said…
The applique borders you have completed are gorgeous. I must search for what the quilt looks like. I am not familiar with it.
Nancy said…
All of your projects are just wonderful . Such beautiful fabrics.
Fantastic borders. And, I love the Frida quilt thus far. I think she would have approved!
Lovely to have you posting to see the progress on your gorgeous Jennie Cleland quilt. I love this quilt and look forward to seeing it with the borders attached. Your Frida quilt is a great contrast to the applique quilt and will love to see more when you next post.
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