Saturday, August 2, 2014

A new start

Nothing like starting a new project!  How many times have I said that?  But still true, and especially so, since my new, NEW project, is an original reproduction.

I love red and green quilts, and this one in particular caught my eye.  No hints about the way it's going to look other than that it is a four block quilt.  I'm trying to use only my stash so fabrics will change as I run out of one and substitute another.

I haven't made much progress on anything lately I'm afraid.  It has been a very busy time with work and travel to conferences in Hong Kong and Vancouver.

I had a great view of Hong Kong harbour from my window........lots of construction going on. It has grown so much since I was there last, maybe 10 years ago.

You will be pleased to know (or maybe not!) that I now have a computer at home again.  This has been quite a saga so I won't bore you with the details. 

Last weekend was spent in absolute sewing heaven, when I attended a workshop with Marg Sampson George, wonderfully hosted by Liz.  It was just what I needed after spending quite some time subsisting on not much more than house chores and work chores.

This is a snippet  of Marg's "Going, going, green" which is absolutely glorious and the quilt that I am making.  Not enough to show you yet............sorry!

These two pictures are from an antique style quilt that Marg is doing.  Just beautiful.


Marg has such a unique way of seeing fabric, I learned a lot from the nice to be taken out of your comfort zone.

An added bonus for the weekend was that I got to spend some talking to Jean from Linen and Raspberry.  I have eknown her for a long time, but it as just great to meet the real Jean.

Until next time,



Nyla said...

Love the block from your new project and will look forward to seeing it progress! Oh my, a class with Marg Sampson George, I would love to do that, I'm sure it was inspiring! Hope work and travel settles down and you can enjoy stitching!

Nyla said...

Oh, also I love Jean's work, from Linen and Raspberry, I miss her blog posts. So lovely that you got to meet and chat!

Margaret said...

It's always such a treat to read your posts! Love your new project, and am dying to see the other one too! I LOVE Marg Sampson George!!!! Love hexies! So cool that you got to meet Jean in person. I follow her on IG and think she's wonderful too! All you Aussie ladies are so talented!

Debbie said...

I love your new applique block. It is a pattern or are you copying a quilt you've seen? I am curious. I saw a quilt on a book cover and there are a couple of blocks I would love to do. I haven't gotten so far as to draw them out yet. Share your process.

Lovely Rory Beca Sevona Maxi Gown said...

Not a bad start. But a lot of efforts are required If you want to become an expert quilter.

Karen said...

Your applique block is wonderful. I assume you mean that you have seen a similar block in an antique quilt.

Cardygirl said...

Wow, I didn't know you were with Jean and lizzie, glad you had fun! Your quilt will be lovely!

Lis said...

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