Sunday, January 1, 2017

Old dogs.......New tricks!

I've decided this will be the theme for 2017. Fitting in so many ways for me, especially in relation to crafting.

When I first statred this blog, my two main motivations were to keep a record of my ordinary days, what my children were up to, how my garden was progressing, ordinary things, and to keep a record of my handwork, what I was doing, how long it was taking, things that I made that would one day be forgotten. Over the last few years it has been hard to find the time or the space  to keep recording as I might have liked. Now when I look back there are some big gaps; important things that I would have liked to record. So my plan for 2017 is to be a better blogger (aka diarist perhaps) and also to go back and fill in some of the gaps.

 My second motivation was to pass on some of the skills I have learned to a new generation of hand-makers through the wonders of the internet.

  It seems that many bloggers have moved on to instagram and snapchat. For me instagram does not meet my needs. I love to see the photos there, but this old dog likes to write some words too!

It seems too that the young hand-makers have some great new (to me at least) tricks that I can learn from them.

One such new trick, relates to the craft that I know best - knitting!

For some reason, since finishing work just before Christmas, I have been bitten by the knitting bug (remember it is summer here in Melbourne so this is really weird).

We have an interesting yarn shop (Woolarium) close by with many new yarns that I've never seen before. An unplanned visit there on Christmas eve saw me leave with some beautiful Shibui yarn and a shawl pattern which once started I could not put down.

The fabric is beautiful, soft and drapey, but because of the construction, looked a bit like a crumpled mess.  I needed to learn a new trick- blocking.  You can see this above....blocking mats underneath and the shawl pinned out on blocking wires. It worked a treat and the shawl is rather goreous.

For those interested, the yarn is Shibui - Staccato (merino/silk) in two shades of grey and a bronzey green. The pattern is the 3 Colour Cashmere shawl by Joji Locatelli (can be found on Ravelry).

So there you have it, my first new trick for the year successfully learnt. And my first blogpost too.

I hope the New Year has started well for you and gets even better as it goes along.



Every Stitch said...

I've been a "bad" blogger too - it is time consuming but does make such a good record of progress doesn't it? Just want to say - LOVE the header - stunning quilt!

Anonymous said...

Look forward to reading your diary of crafty projects. To all you bloggers out there, may I say, I truly appreciate your efforts and love reading your work and travelling with you on your ups and downs. It brightens up my day, very much so. Hope you can all keep it up. Ruth

Nyla said...

Wonderful to hear from you and glad your new year has started off well. Hope you continue to learn new tricks this year and I love your new header also. Thanks for sharing!

Margaret said...

So funny -- I always think of you and your gorgeous quilts. Who knew you knitted too? lol! Knitting has taken over for me, so join the club! And yes, knitting happens in summer too for me! Love your shawl -- gorgeous! Joji is a talented designer. Blocking does work wonders, especially with lace! But with everything, really. Happy New Year! (Please continue on instagram. I love it there! But I don't plan to abandon my blog just yet either.)

Paula, the quilter said...

That shawl me of Stephen West patterns. It is stunning.

Carole~Quilter on the hill said...

I'm so glad you back blogging! Love love love your header quilt too which I was fortunate enough to see up close and personal at an exhibition last year.

Lis said...

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