Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I've been thinking

quite a bit about what my NY's resolutions should be. Two words sprang to mind - FOCUSSED and EFFICIENT. I tend to spend too much time faffing around and not getting anything done. And I don't have time to waste. So the F word and the E word are going to be my 2010 words.

Before I tell you more let me show you the dessert I was cooking on Christmas Eve.

Rosewater meringue - good to eat, hard to cut. We had a very pleasant Christmas Day. How about you? I hope yours was wonderful too.

Now yesterday when I was thinking - staring at my Frida Kahlo calendar - my NOS sauntered in and reminded me that it was actually from 2008 not 2009 - quite right - I didn't get around to buying a new one so I reused it. Well the paintings are beautiful so why not? But I was thinking that I couldn't use it again for 2010 could I? So today the doorbell rang - guess who - yes the postie with a package (Merri stop laughing)......and it was truly unexpected. My friend Kathie sent me a wonderful calendar with a picture of her quilt on the front! Look - isn't it fabulous!

Thank you so much Kathie, you made my day - I'll be making a version of this for sure.

Now behind the calendar you can see a cabinet - this is part of the F and E mantra - I bought it from IKEA my sometimes favourite store. It now houses my on the go projects as well as my favourite books and magazines of the moment. These things usually live on the floor which means things get messy and out of control. Not very F or E.

A couple of GTASB blocks to show you today. First one from last month set into a background square (mainly for Kim since she loves these fabrics)

I think this one is called Daylily, and the first one from this month

called Baby carriage. Still one to go. And I've lost track of which month I'm up to.

Looking forward to hearing your new year's resolutions too,

Happiness to all,



jean said...

Deb, Wishing you a very happy twenty ten , I like the idea of a couple of words to help stay focussed , I think mine should be 'My personal best'. Love your blocks
Happy sewing

Janet said...

Yes I like your new words, focused should definitely be one of mine. I'm still mulling over wether to make a list to help me. Your blocks are looking very nice and that dessert, it looks like the queen of all pavlovas. I like the idea of the rosewater, I'll have to try that one.

Rae Ann said...

I love your idea of F and E. i definetly need to adopt this for my 2010.
Love the blocks and the dessert looks so good! I am trying to figure out a way to make it come through the computer to my table. LOL!

wishes, true and kind said...

I am soooooo efficient at work, but spend most of my time at home working on the wrong things or just spinning my wheels. OR procrastinating -- which I have down to a science (because I have a very limited attention span for housework).

I LOVE your GTASB blocks!


Karen said...

I hope to reduce my faffing around time in 2010 also! The Christmas Eve dessert looks yummy, as do your completed blocks.

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