Saturday, December 5, 2009

I wish I had elastic days

you know - the kind you can pull from both ends so that they stretch to fit what you would like to do in a day. Nothing has moved here this week, including the ever thickening layers of dust and grime everywhere. Seems to increase in direct proportion to the number of hours DS (aka pigpen) spends at home.

Not that it hasn't been fun - just many family related activities which have kept me out of the house, NOD in dancing presentations, rehearsals and a Shakespeare play (she was sooooo funny as Stefano the drunk butler in The Tempest), NOS finishing his auditions (he was very happy with them) and NOD's birthday/party (gorgeous girlfriends). So no time to really think about sewing.

Oh yes, there is a major project underway in the backyard as well (remember I showed you a before and promised an after shot, coming soon).

In fact I have been writing this post for two days and haven't managed to finish it yet. Roll on the holidays!

So enough of my whining - I'm sure most of you are just as busy - are you?

I did manage to keep Sunday free so we could head up to Threadbears for Di's pattern launch. We had a fabulous day. We met at The Bold Garden for lunch (worth a trip for the lunch and the beautiful plants/garden art) - I think they had been "told" about us - so we had a back room all to ourselves (really noisy we were). It was great to meet Linda (Quilts in the Barn) and Bev there, albeit briefly. Hope she hasn't changed her mind about the exhibition now that she's heard us in action.

We arrived at Threadbears after lunch and the shop looked great as usual with a room set aside for Di to display her new quilt as well as some of her other recent ones. Gorgeous. And of course Corliss, Megan and Ruth were great to chat with - and who could forget Kurt (or is that Curt) either way he's a legend.

And just as we were heading out I spied Lizzie maestro of the CWB blog. Lizzie it was so great to meet you - you look just like your photo.

And I came back with a bag of goodies to start the new Ann quilt (above). Tossing up whether to start it or Phebe (detail below) first. Still haven't decided.

As testament to my busyness, this month I didn't finish the GTASB blocks before the next moth arrived. December's issue here.

Did manage to cut a few baskets for my basket quilt

and a few more.

Almost finished the MM block

I just knew those fingers would take me forever. The white part is freezer paper of course and will be removed to reveal the red underneath. I didn't need to tell you that did I.

OK that was my meager contribution for the week. And by the way - if you have emailed me and I haven't replied - a million apologies. I am far behind with my blog reading/responding and since the two email servers I use don't talk to each other, I have lost track of who I have and haven't answered. I will attempt to fix this shortly.

I do hope you are surviving the silly season and are finding some time to enjoy yourselves.

Merry December,



Janet said...

It's great to see the details in Di's lovely quilts. Despite being busy, it's good to see you getting in some stitching. The MM block is looking fabulous.

Anonymous said...

It was lovely to meet you all, and l am looking forward to next years exhibition. Sure to be lots of fun!
Linda C. (Quilts in the Barn)

Cardygirl said...

Gorgeoous quilts as usual...MM is great, love the new projects too. A busy time of year...glad Threadbears went well...sounds like fun!

Liz said...

You sound as busy as the rest of us Deb? There's a reason it's called the 'silly' season and right about this time of the year, I remember what it is!! It was a great day up at Threadbear and it was lovely to meet you too, Phebe was my choice and that's the one I came away with, just couldn't resist her!

ranette said...

Wonderful MM block....the fingers look great.

Can't wait to see your start on the other two applique quilts.

LOVE the baskets and plan to make that quilt myself very soon.

I hope you get to keep finding little bits of time for helps center a person!

Karen said...

Silly season it is! My head is spinning! Sweet baskets and beautiful MM block.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,

Please give Di a big shout out from California that her new quilt is fabulous!

Thanks for sharing...another quilt that will go on the list of gotta makes!


Miriam said...

Thank you for the great photo of Di's new quilt!
It looks very tempting!!!
I love your baskets.
The MM block is perfect!
I hope you find some quiet time.

sandi s said...

I wanted to ask if your basket blocks are from Blackbird designs? I am doing their basket quilt from where the cold wind blows but the pattern is two pieces. Just curious. Thanks, Sandi

ANA said...

Te ha quedado fenomenal. Gracias por tu página

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