Monday, December 14, 2009

The secret's finally out

Well hello everyone. Managing to negotiate the Christmas rush without flipping a fuse? Well done! Last week I felt like I could spontaneously combust at any time - but things are a little less catastrophic this week. No progress photos to show you today although I do have some coming.

Over the past six months 10 women have been keeping a big secret! Hard to believe I know - but it's true the cat did not even make a meow let alone get out of the bag. On Saturday we had the Christmas party for our quilt group and let the secret out. Here's a photo

Di with the quilt that we have been making for her. She was overwhelmed and we were so pleased to have made it for her. Here's us with it

From the left: Chris, Meghan, Kerry, Ann, Barb, Sue, Merri, me, Julie.

Unfortunately Clare could not be there due to family committments which was a shame for us since she had put in so much work.

The quilt is a reproduction of one in Annette Gero's book. I think it's called Frederika Josephson - sorry I don't have it here so I can't check. It is all hand pieced. We used fabrics from our stashes mainly - picking ones that we had bought over the years from Di's shop, so that will bring back fabulous memories for her. It was beautifully quilted by Helen who is a long time friend of Di's and does such a wonderful job.

So glad to have it safely delivered. It's hard work trying to remember whether one of our conversations was with our normal group or at a secret meeting.

This week sewing priority is dancing costumes. How many sequins do you need honestly!......and feathers................

Back soon,




Lurline said...

So very beautiful - just wonderful! I have a smaller one very similar that needs to be quilted!
Hugs - Lurline♥

antique quilter said...

OH Deb the quilt is just beautiful, wow am I ever impressed! I can only imagine how touched Di was.
great picture of all of you.
oh no your not sewing costumes!

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Oh Wow Deb what a wonderful group of quilters you all are to make this stunning quilt for Di. She must have been speechless. How amazing to keep that many women quiet for that long without the secret getting out, a great feat!!! Oh you will have to show us the sequins and feathers!!! Hope you get the costumes done in time. xo

Miriam said...

Wow!!! that is an amazing quilt! How did you manage to keep that a secret? I think Di would have been very appreciative of everything that went into the creation of the quilt. Di's shop had some wonderful fabrics!

The more sequins the better with dancing costumes!! lol

PatchworkRose said...

The quilt is just a work of art and something to treasure forever. Just gorgeous. Poor Di would have been speechless. I just love it :-)
I bet you had lots of fun keeping that secret;-)and watching progress. I am amazed that you managed to keep it a secret too.
What a wonderful group of quilters you all are.

Cardygirl said...

Gorgeous quilt Deb...what great friends you all are!

Janet said...

My goodness, what an amazing gift. I bet Di had tears. You all did so well. Good luck on the costumes, I don't envy you.

Anonymous said...

What a great photo...I could feel the energy all the way to California. How fortunate you all are to have each other, and how fortunate we readers are to share in the secret.

Lissa Jane said...

Oh my gosh.. thats so beautiful.. I can't imagine how you kept it a secret for so long as well :O)

Happy new Year to you :O)

nr Newcastle
PS Love the deck!

Sandra Henderson said...

Oh my word!~That's a gorgeous quilt! WOW! So nice of ya'll..

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