Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sorry to disappoint

all you Kaffeicianados out there. But I have resisted the call of those seductive temptresses Cathy and Janet, and not started a new Kaffe project. I did flick through a few Kaffe books and picked out some treasures, but then my desire was sated just by looking (cooking magazines often have this effect on my appetite too). I feel the need to finish things right now rather than start new things. So I remembered that a long time ago I started a quilt for Number One Son. We had just revamped his room from little boys room with puppy dog curtains in pastel shades, to big boys urban cool room. He was 14 after all! So I thought he needed a new quilt too. Well he still does (even though he's quite fond of his cowboy quilt). So I should finish it before he leaves home. Maybe.

The pattern is quite old and I don't have a photo - so it has taken me a bit of time to figure out what happens next and how it is supposed to look. Next step is to turn these blocks into circles. Progress report later.

The GTASB package arrived this week. First up I need to make seven of these little orange peel blocks.

They are all ready to cut and sew.

My next MM block has quite a bit of work in it. Here it is today

I think I'm enjoying this project more than any other right now. I love the green/red/cheddar combination.

And last but not least - the next AWS block I'm going to finish is this one

Wow, so much to do and so little time. Weather hasn't been great for sewing or anything else this week.

A big thank you to all of you who have been leaving comments. It is very reassuring to know that other people like what you do when you invest so much time and energy in it. It also gives me a great opportunity to find other sites and see what's happening outside my little world. As you can see by my ever growing and fabulous sidebar, there are some amazingly talented people in ordinary houses all around the world. Truly inspirational.

Stay cool,



antique quilter said...

oh your block for the MM quilt looks wonderful!!!!
hoping to have my quilt done this week so I can get back to the MM quilt too!
I am ready to hand applique again.
Can't wait to see what quilt your making for your son.
Good for you finding time to sew the blocks together this week!
love those orange peel blocks I want to make a whole quilt with them

Janet said...

It's always a plesure visiting your blog Deb. Good for you getting on with those projects. I love the colours in your son's quilt. Your MM looks so great! In fact I love all your blocks, you have a talent for putting the colours and fabrics to good use.

Cardygirl said...

More lovely things at your place! I still love those GTASB blocks...the applique is beautiful too! Good on you for finishing your son's quilt...resist those sirens & their bewitching songs...Kaffe will wait but your boy is growing fast!

PatchworkRose said...

just love your blocks Deb. Do hope you are not getting too much of our weather. 40 tomorrow. I am over it and Summer hasn't even started yet!

Margaret said...

Oh my! I love those blocks for your son's quilt! Can't wait to see what they turn out to be! And of course I'm drooling over everything you're working on. :D I need to get back into quilting!

Karen said...

A good start on the applique block!

wishes, true and kind said...

Your blog is never a disappointment. Good for you for working on/finishing up all these worthy projects. Quilters often seem to have more than one project going, and maybe that's what keeps the creative juices flowing. Nice work.

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

I've never been called a seductive temptress before but I'm sure I can live up to that name, especially where Kaffe's are concerned!!! I do love those blues and browns and can't wait to see how you turn them into circles!!! I have the Amitie bom, just haven't started it yet (got on board late and am up to block 2), I must get on. Your blocks here are fabulous as always I love coming to your blog Deb, always so incredibly inspiring. xo

Janet said...

I love the blocks for your son's quilt so far - they get turned into circles!? I'm intrigued. Your applique is beautiful so far.

Karen said...

Oh, I can't wait to see the blocks turned into circles. Very interesting!

ranette said...

The MM quilt keeps calling my name when I see blocks like yours! Really love the red, cheddar, green combination myself!

Looks like lots of great projects you've got going.

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