Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday after the Saturday before

Yesterday was a fabulous day - secret sewing group. It was the delightful Sue's turn to be the hostess - and what a hostess she is. About a year ago Sue and family moved from the city to the country so all of us except one made the trip up to her house - what a transformation she has performed in such a short space of time! It was a glorious day - she's a fantastic cook - I think I spent more time eating than sewing. Thanks Sue.

Actually the whole day was a bit more like a think tank than a sewing group. So many ideas and so much enthusiasm. I needed a cup of tea and a lie down by the time I got home.

Weird hot weather in Melbourne has not been conducive to sewing this week, but today is cool and we have had much rain overnight, so it feels a bit more like spring.

So what's been happening in my sewing room? Well I finished my MM block which was my goal for the week.

I really love this block - the colours are gorgeous and it is making me happy which is the whole reason I sew. Perfect.

Made one block of NOS's quilt to see how it goes. A bit fiddly turning squares into circles, but only 25 of them to do.

I think this will be a good quilt for a young man.

Next priority is to complete the GTASB blocks for the month. I usually have these finished quite early, but I just haven't had enough sewing time the last couple of weeks. Here they are so far.

More of the same coming up for this week. I have to say I am enjoying watching the Joseph's Coat quilts coming along. It looks like so much fun.....trying to resist the temptation, but it's not easy.

And just as an extra - for those of you who live in the Melbourne area. Di Ford is releasing her new pattern and will be in house at Threadbear next Sunday. The quilt is truly beautiful and is worth seeing up close trust me. Check out the Threadbear website for details.

I hope the weather isn't too extreme where ever you are. Especially if you're in a gondola on the Yarra.

Stay cool,


Cardygirl said...

Lovely post Deb...sewing days are so rejuvenating...all your blocks look good...I aim to start playing with the JC quilt later today!

Karen said...

A beautiful finish for the week with your MM block!

Janet said...

Your MM block is wonderful, your applique looks amazing. Your Ds's quilt looks really interesting with the circles and squares, good colours for a guy.

antique quilter said...

oh I just love your block, thanks for doing one I haven't done yet! inspiration for me!!!!!
the block for your son's quilt looks great, its going to be fun watching this quilt grow.
oh I know what you mean about that Joseph's coat quilt I have been putting it off too, not sure I can keep resisting the temptation

Karmen said...

I adore the pieced circle! Karmen

Karen said...

Your MM block makes me happy too! Beautiful!

wishes, true and kind said...

I want to jump in on that Joseph's Coat, too, but I'm making myself finish a few things by the end of the year. Maybe between Christmas and New Years I'll get mine started. Love your MM block!

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