Thursday, September 3, 2009

I've got mail!

Don't you just love it when the postie comes bearing large envelopes? It's like getting fantastic presents - exactly what you wanted - and if the mail is slow you may have even forgotten that you actually paid for them! Heaven. Well I got 2 this week

what's in them?

Number 1 is the Civil War Bride pattern - beautifully produced and arrived within a day of ordering - thanks Corliss, I love it. The background fabric is on backorder, so I'm going to start designing my blocks and I should have a few ready to go when the fabric arrives.

Number 2 is the Green tea and Sweet Beans BOM (month 4) from Amitie. I am loving this one. I saw the quilt at the Stitches and Craft show early this year and it just shouted SPRING. As you will see, my taste in quilts is quite eclectic. I adore the old traditionals, but the bright cheerful colours of quilts like this one just make me happy. And of course I have loved Kaffe since he started knitting and needlepoint all those years ago.

I have added links about both of these quilts on the side bar.

I have had a couple of requests to show photos of Merri's DNQTTT quilt so here are a couple. If you click on Flickr on the side bar you will see some more shots, and also my progress on Green tea and sweet beans.

Isn't it just beautiful? I asked Merri to include a photo of herself but she chickened out. Maybe next time.

I hope your postie brings you something fabulous today.




Janet said...

Let me be the first to say thank you to Merri for allowing you to show her gorgeous quilt. I'm in love with this pattern, It's a beauty. Wher can the original antique version be found?
I think we might have similar tastes because I backordered the CWB and background too. I also love the more modern designs so I must have ecclectic tastes as well.

PatchworkRose said...

Hi Deb
I just adore Merri's quilt.
Cannot wait to see the colours you choose for your CWBQ I have now chosen my fabrics for block 1. They are washed and on the line.
Stay Tune :-)

antique quilter said...

oh my gosh I am not going to be able to sleep at all anymore
I need to applique my fingers to the bone
what a beauty:)
I went and ordered a few more patterns from Corliss
Thank Merri for allowing us to see her quilt

a beauty.
love your blocks another bom I considered.

Cardygirl said...

Your blog is all the bits you are doing!

Karen said...

Isn't the CWB pattern wonderful? I have block one ready for applique.

Karen said...

This quilt is gorgeous!

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