Sunday, August 9, 2009

Colour Palette

Well I did manage to get over to my wool shop and buy the extra colours I needed for my blanket.

Here they are:
The colours look fabulous together. Very bright and cheerful. I made some more granny squares last night

These little guys are quite addictive.

While I was in town yesterday I found a new wool/craft shop. It's a big open space upstairs at Australia on Collins - they run classes and drop in groups and have their own brand of Australian wool which is quite beautiful. They also have some Patons, Cleckheaton, Noro, Rowan. Well worth a visit. It's called Morris and Sons.

On an unrelated matter, I'm throwing in this picture of a quilt block

I am lucky enough to belong to the most fabulous quilt group. You'll be hearing much more about these girls. Di suggested we make a quilt to give to one of the bush fire victims. We have each made 2 of these blocks. My first has already gone so I thought I'd snap this one before it goes too.

Until next time.....


antique quilter said...

looking forward to hearing more about your quilt group and seeing your work!
I couldn't respond to your post on my blog as you email is coming back as no reply
you have to change that so people can respond as well as when they see your comment on a blog they can link back to your blog
email me and I will answer any of your other questions

Kim said...

Hi Deb! Found you over at Kathie's blog. Pretty yarn. I like the fabrics that you used in your quilt square. This is a challenging block. Welcome to blogland!

Liz said...

Hi Deb, yes I found you over on Kathie's blog too. Lovely block, fabulous colours. Welcome to blogging, Lizzie

jean said...

Hi Deb

I found you over at kathies blog. I love the colours of your squares. I too am a mad cross stitch addict, mainly samplers and I have started the same one that is on your banner.
I will look forward to following your blog.

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