Sunday, October 7, 2012

A New Project and a Progress Report

As you know dear friends, I have been very good over the last months (maybe more than a year), about getting down and dirty with some well loved, but neglected, UFO's.  Although this made me feel quite virtuous, it also left me feeling a little uninspired.  Let's be honest, for some of us, starting is everything.

So in  a moment (or two) of weakness, I succumbed to my starting desire, and started not one, but two, new projects.  OK while we are in the confessional, I will also admit to signing up for an extra BOM (of the Sue Spargo variety).

I'm not revealing all today - too much excitement could lead you all into temptation!  But really, confronted with this, how could you resist?

It's a magnificent, ambitious project, that comes in small doses.  So whilst I can't guarantee that I will keep up, I hope not to get too far behind.

The first month of the King George coverlet, was one beautiful block.

 Not too much work, but the pieces are tincey. I love it already.  The second months pack contains two blocks which I will describe as being full of pleasurable anticipation  (that is, I haven't even thought about starting them yet).

Progress is being made on the very gorgeous 2011 BOM, Imperial Blooms. Block 6 (out of 9) completed (a couple of close ups)

 and Block 7 well under way.

And yes, another treasured project from the past continues to move forward.

I like this block of the Antique Wedding Sampler very much. I've actually lost track now of how far I have to go with this - sometimes better not to count I think.

Hopefully next time I will have the first block of my other new temptation to show you.  It's soooooooo  pretty.

Other than that, today I went to the always enjoyable Quilts in the Barn.  Linda and her very dedicated friends do such a fabulous job with this event, well done everyone.  I didn't take any photos,  but there are  plenty in blogland, for example, check out my sidebar for Buddy & Me.

I hope the lucky raffle winner will enjoy the raffle quilt, lovingly made by the SSS and quilted by Helen Hayes for such a great cause.

Until next time,



Liz said...

I really would have liked to get to quilts in the barn this year but we all had to work this weekend..! Are you doing the same BoM that both Sue and I signed up for next year..?? I seriously have to get onto this years or else I'm just going to have to stash them for superanuation!! ;o)

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

I know what you mean about starting...I am so tempted to start something new at the moment but so far I have stayed strong and I am just focusing on the QAL!
I love your new project btw!

Kim said...

Amazing projects you have in the works, Deb! They're just beautiful. You do fabulous work!

Deb said...

OMG goodness - what is that quilt? I love it and BOMs are my favorite thing to get in the mail!

antique quilter said...

well I am sorry to say I haven't heard a thing so guess I didn't win the quilt! Love the king george block , wow, where are you doing it a bom with????
that block is amazing, wonderful quilt....
Love the sue spargo blocks just sooooo fun.
so good to see you working on projects!
of course keep starting any one you want, inspire us!!!!

Janet said...

What a coverlet!! I'd love to make a quilt with round blocks like that but for now I will just enjoy watching your progress :0) Such lovely fabrics in block 1!

Miriam said...

Good to see you are finding time to get plenty of stitching done.
Looking forward to watching your progress with the King George coverlet.
I love the combination of piecing and applique on the Antique Wedding sampler bloc.

Sue-Anne said...

The King George Coverlet is going to be a real treasure, I can't wait to watch your progress with it. It is too hard to say no to everything as there are so many beautiful quilts out there to make.

Michelle said...

Ooooh, those curves! I can see why you couldn't resist.

Nyla said...

I love the Antique Wedding Quilt and would like to do that one at some point. I enjoy seeing your progress. Starting something new is exciting! I love the King George and kind of wish I could do that one but it looks a little challenging for my skills. I'll enjoy seeing your blocks! Happy Stitching!

Missie of Traditional Primitives said...

Your King George block is wonderful! I am fascinated by these circular blocks! So many out there now that I am researching!

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