Thursday, July 5, 2012

Guess Where I Am?

If you guessed Orlando, Florida......................good job! How did you know?  It has been over twenty years since I've been to the US, and I'm happy to say that people here are as friendly as I remembered them.

I won't have much free time, sadly, but if you know of a great quilt shop in down town Orlando I'd love to hear about it.

I will have another post up soon after I get home on the weekend, to show you what I have been up to, but in the meantime I have some lovely photos from the Sydney quilt show.  Six of the sisters got up before the crack of dawn, and headed off to the quilt show for the day. It was well worth it.

This quilt was my absolute favourite

The colour is just glorious, and the patterns within patterns appeal to my sense of geometry. Once a mathematician, always a mathematician!

Here's a close up.  Gorgeous fabrics.

 Another quilt which was high impact for me. This one was voted best use of colour.

 I liked this one a lot since it was a bit different from things I've seen before.

And this lovely Baltimore - sorry for the bad photo.

Hope all is well with you.  Apologies for being such a bad email responder.  I appreciate all your comments and have been keeping track of what y'all are up to, albeit in a silent way.  Only so may hours in the day, sadly, and they aren't stretching far enough for me.

See you soon,



Margaret said...

Lovely pics! Hope you're having fun in Orlando.

Jan said...

Beautiful! I'm currently in love with triangles, so that was my favorite. Enjoy the US of A!

Janet said...

Wonderful quilts!! I love that first one too. For a 20 year project it doesn't look dated at all. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Miriam said...

Enjoy your stay in Florida.
Thank you for sharing the photos. There are some stunning quilts there! I can't pick a favourite.

Janet said...

There's hope for me yet when a twenty year old project looks as amazing as that first quilt. It was beautiful and there were quite a lot of quilts that showed amazing workmanship and talent.

Cardygirl said...

Hope you are having fun! Sorry I missed you in Sydney!

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