Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back to work

already. How did that happen? Just feels like yesterday that I was trying to organise Christmas. Does it feel like that way to you too, or have I lost all perspective?

Just a few things to show you today, finished one GTASB block for the month and started to pin another. Not going to get the other three done by months end but that's OK.

I have been concentrating on Phebe. Here she is

more details over here at SSS if you're interested. Need to take a little rest from Phebe while I'm waiting for some fabrics. And besides, I feel the need to think about the next MM block.

The other project that has been keeping me busy is Lori's cheddar cheese and crackers.

It's a little quilt - I have never made one before and I'm enjoying this one. I'm on to stage three now, so it won't take too long to finish the top. It's screaming "RED BINDING" to me. What do you think?

Now, summer movies and books. The Lovely Bones (movie) - hated everything about it -gruesome and sent all the wrong messages in mho. Sherlock Holmes - a ripping yarn, loved it. And besides, you could do a lot worse than eyeballing Robert Downie Jnr for 2 hours. My kids saw Fantastic Mr Fox and really liked it.

Reading the Millenium Trilogy (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo etc.) First one OK - second one terrific, just bought number 3.

Magazines: Quiltmania - love, love, love it.

Take care,



Cardygirl said...

Love the idea of red binding you bold thing! Glad you had a nice break....have fun back at work!

Ann Marie said...

Yes, to the red binding. Phebe is beautiful. I love the fabric selection.

Lori said...

Your applique blocks are coming along splendidly!
Love the CC&C quilt too. I did notice the original quilt has red binding! I vote red!

wishes, true and kind said...

You've been busy, busy, busy. I think red binding would be a nice pop of color, and I love Quiltmania, too :). Phebe is materializing before our eyes. Looking good!


Liz said...

Yep, red sounds good to me too. Phebe is looking amazing too, have'nt seen any movies this summer but I have read The Lovely Bones - twice, perhaps the movie is different? I'll have to see it now. Have a good week.

Sarah said...

Red binding - love it! That will contrast beautifully with the cheddar. I didn't like The Lonely Bones either, just because I thought it was a bit corny. Im curious though... what about the message did you feel was wrong?

Karen said...

Phebe is coming along nicely. You did such a great job at selecting the fabric. Can't wait to see more!

Janet said...

I love Quiltmania too, it's not available anywhere near me though. The cheddar quilt is coming along beautifully and so is the GTASB. Love the background for Phebe.

ranette said...

Your Phebe has me entranced, seriously I love it. The fabrics you've choosen are wonderful.

Red binding is always, always good.

Thanks for the reviews....Quilt Mania always makes my heart skip a beat.

Barb said...

Hi - Your doll quilt will be great with the red binding - I love looking at it on the floor like that.
Pretty blocks, also

Sue-Anne said...

It's fun seeing all the different doll quilts. Definately red binding!

Janet said...

Your CC&C is lloking great so far - red binding sounds perfect! I just love your Phebe quilt - its so graceful and delicate looking - just beautiful!

Karen said...

Your applique block with the birds & flowers is coming along very well. I never would have thought to use a background fabric like you have chosen but it works very well.

Taryn said...

The quilt is looking great and the red binding sounds marvelous. Who can resist Quiltmania and thanks for the reminder that I wanted to see Sherlock Holmes.

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