Thursday, October 29, 2009

New project revealed

So - are you waiting to find out what the new project is? You are? Sorry for keeping you waiting so long. The man of the house has been OS so the motherhood duties have increased and the work / life balance has been - well- unbalanced. So without further teasing go and have a look here.

Yes another of those projects from an old Primarily Patchwork pattern has been removed from its protective wrapping (aka plastic bag) ready to be completed. The quilt is based on the Charlotte Gillingham quilt but the PP version is not T- shaped. It is square with about 25 beautiful blocks set on point with a sashing between and some Broderie Perse. It is a combination of appliqued and pieced blocks. Here is one of the pieced blocks that I have already done.

I'm hoping to get it ready for the exhibition next year - but I have to say I thought I had completed quite a bit more of it than I have, so there is much work to do. It's great fun rummaging through these old fabrics that I have used for it. They are mostly Civil War but have a few old fashioned florals (Robyn Pandolph early style) thrown in - they were all the rage at that time.

I have spent most of my available sewing time this week on my first MM block. Here she is so far

it is fun to stitch. The background fabric (moda bella) is fraying quite a bit so I may have to overlock the edges. I usually cut my blocks 1/2 inch bigger than necessary so when I cut them to size, the overlocking will disappear.

I have also done a tiny bit on my Beatrix sampler. I made an error placing the corner motif so that by the time I got to the edge I was a stitch out. Now I don't get really uptight about these things, but this was BUGGING me - so I pulled it all out and started again. What's wrong with that? Wouldn't you do it too? So I only got to here this month

when really I wanted to get right across the top. Oh well..such is life.

The other cool thing is that MOTH came home from Belgium with gifts. Yes a new fancy camera for me - it's very nice but I need to spend some time figuring out how it works. So my DD is very happy because I have been using hers and she was SICK OF IT. She would be happier if we swapped cameras - but that ain't gonna happen - sorry sweet P.

Number one son is starting his written VCE exams tomorrow. Not showing too many signs of stress yet - but not showing too many signs of hard work either. He's a pretty chill dude. First actual exam was last Sunday - music performance, he was very pleased with the way it went so all is well. Roll on December 4 - his last audition and also sweet P's birthday - how big will that party be!

Until next time, may all your stitches be perfect,


Thursday, October 22, 2009

A rare moment of peace

I won't go into the tedious details of why the last couple of weeks have been NUTS, but trust me, they have. So in my rare moment of peace today, right now, I thought I would give you a quick snapshot of my progress. I am on track for what I wanted to do this week - so feeling good.

First my last GTASB block for this month is done.

I think this one is pretty. Takes a bit of time though - mine are all hand pieced, and I'm slow.

And second I have my MM Block 1 partially pinned up - enough so you can see what's going on. I'm very happy with it - and a little bit excited - hence the need for the post. Do you like it? Please say yes or my bubble will burst.

I also found this

amazing what you put at the back of the cupboard and forget about isn't it? I woke up early one morning a couple of weeks ago thinking - didn't I buy some red/yellow/green fabrics last year?
What a dope! But lucky - they are perfect for this quilt.

The other thing I have bouncing around in my head is the Rouenneries fabrics . I just LOVE them - but couldn't figure out what I would do with them. If you haven't seen them, check them out here. Aren't they just tres chic? But then I remembered this pattern from Quiltmania

Might be good.....what do you think? I know it's upside down - just ignore it.

Moments over, have a great week.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

This was the week that was.

Good morning on this bright and sunny Sunday. If you live in Melbourne, I hope the rain has given you an extra excuse to stay indoors and get some sewing done! It's been so heavy here that at one point I thought about building an Ark. I'm quite happy for it now to rain only between the hours of 6pm and 7am.

Yesterday was our sewing meeting - always eagerly anticipated and this was no exception. My turn to host it this time - always makes me a little stressed. We had lots to show and tell (sorry no photos - we don't usually do photos) and didn't get to start sewing until getting on for 12 (we start at 10). After eating chocolate and raspberry brownies (not my best cooking effort - sorry girls) getting a caffeine hit and reviewing our latest works, we managed to get some sewing done. Lots of laughs and good stories. Brilliant!

I completed the last of the PA applique blocks this week. Here it is

and the last of those that I completed earlier.

I'm very happy with the way it's turning out. I have had many inquiries about this pattern and have been passing them all along to Di who is currently in the USA - but I hope she will make the pattern available again soon. In the meantime here is how the whole thing should look.

Not a great photo - it's the only one I have, clipped from an old magazine ad. I am waiting on the fabric to come in for the background triangles, they have some simple applique on them which shouldn't take too long. The other thing I need to do is the outside border of little triangles. This will be a weekend job. I usually only machine sew in the day and hand sew at night. So that means I need another project for the evenings. I have one - but you're going to have to wait until next time to see it.

Oh OK's a sneak peek

On the agenda for this week I have the last of the GTASB blocks for this month. It is half cut out so I can start work on that. I would also like to start my first MM block this week. I have the fabrics chosen so I just need to draw the template. And I also need to put some time in on my BP cross stitch. That should keep me busy for this week since I have a few other commitments as well.

For those of you thinking about the CWB here is the background fabric which arrived this week. I'm very happy with it. It is a lovely colour and subtle tone on tone print.

You can get it from Threadbear if you love it! See the sidebar for links to the CWB blog and Threadbear.

Didn't have time for the garden today, since I went for a 21st birthday lunch for my niece Caitlin. Happy Birthday Catie! And thanks for a lovely afternoon Senka.

But in my garden looking to one side of my backyard you can see

we have done some work on this barren wasteland and it's starting to look quite pretty. If I swivel around to my left

yep - still a barren wasteland. But stay tuned for the after shot (coming in another month).

OK I'm off to sew. Hope you have a great week and spend some time with people or things that make you happy.



Saturday, October 10, 2009

Value adding

or turning credit card debt into beautiful works of craft. Seems like ages since I was here, hope you have all been well and happy. I have been chipping away at a few projects but not making enough progress to report on really. I am trying to keep up to date with the GTASB BOM, because I would really like to have it finished at the end of the program. When this months came I thought it looked like quite a bit of sewing and I was right, although it is quite easy.

The first block is a lovely hexagon panel

I just pieced mine, but Lurline is english paper piecing which looks like fun.

The other two blocks are called tulip blocks. I have finished one and will do the other next week.

My main preoccupation though is appliqueing the setting triangles for the PA quilt. These all look the same - so not much to show. Nearly finished and then I can get on to the last of the blocks.

The next two blocks for this quilt are here.

Anyone who is doing the CWB will know that there are many leaves on block 2. Well yes there are and I find trying to get a balance between variation in the colours and not making it look like a "random collection of every green fabric I have" quite difficult. I haven't quite finished but here it is so far.

OOps - it's sideways - can you tilt your head to the left?
I will post on the CWB blog when it is done - hopefully tomorrow. It does look like a jumble right now, but I think it will be OK when stitched.

The postperson continues to beat a path to my door (so exciting). Since I last saw you, he brought the background for my Mary Mannakee quilt. I'm really going to have fun with this. Have a look at Kathie's and Janet's versions for some inspiration. This is what I'm thinking for block 1.

These lovely things also came. The fabric I bought for my stash since Hancock's were having such a great sale. The book is one that Kathie recommended and it looks great. Can't wait to start reading that one. The yarn is for a crocheted scarf made of granny squares. The colours are dusty and beautiful, but I think it can go away until next winter. Can't imagine that I will need a woolly scarf for awhile. It came from a lovely store in Wangaratta called Sackville & Lane. They sell beautiful yarn and some patchwork fabrics and sewing things. Well worth a visit if you are up that way.

I assure you - this is rather more than usual shopping activity for me. And yes there is more on the way (but don't tell anybody).

My lovely friend also sent me these beautiful green fabrics.

How lucky am I? My MM quilt is going to be filled with these lovely fabrics.

So that's me done. Lots to do for the coming week and I have secret sewing here next Saturday. I'm really looking forward to that one.

Oh - and just in case you have the need of a new pattern, go have a look at Threadbear. My friend Di has just rereleased another of her old patterns called 19th C baskets. It's a beauty.

Happy sewing,


PS. Can anybody suggest words that I can use other than beautiful, lovely and gorgeous? I'm running out of adjectives.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ding Dong!......better than Avon

Yes the postman is such a frequent visitor that the neighbours are starting to worry. Here's me up to my ankles in good gear. Note the very clean floor from my recent spring cleaning.

So you need a closer look? First up is GTASB month 5.

Looks like a fair bit of sewing in there this month. Lurline photographed this beautifully along with a picture of the whole quilt. Why tamper with perfection? Check out her shots here. Even though her fabrics are the same I bet we end up with blocks that are quite different.

A couple of books. Kaffe's latest - I love everything that man does even if I never make anything (which of course I will) it is pure pleasure to look.

Cathy has some shots from inside the book. Check it out here.

The other book is quite old and I have wanted it for a long time. Haven't had a chance to look inside yet but I can't wait.

These fabrics are called 19th century reds. The colour is washed out - but trust me it is really red.

They are lovely - I'm collecting for MM. And these reds are Quaker quilts with a couple of other bits I had to have.

The reds in the Quaker group have a bit more zing than the 19th C but they go beautifully together.

Still haven't done much sewing - work, kids, bit of a social life, but I thought I would show you some more flowers just to show the doubting Tomas's out there that I have more than one.

Foxgloves outside my study window.

California poppies that grew from seed I sprinkled at the wrong time of the year - aren't they a gorgeous gold?

We had a lot of irises with plenty of leaves but no flowers. So I dug them all out and replanted. This one has flowered (obviously). I hope some of the others do too.

Isn't this dutch iris a pretty one? See where my love of green and purple comes from?

Oh and the long grass is courtesy of the genius who stole our lawn mower a few weeks back - honestly!

So proud of my flowers, I'm really not a gardener. So a question for those who are.....when Dutch Iris have finished blooming should I chop off the dead flowers? Any advice appreciated. Uh Oh.......doorbell..I wonder who that could be?

Cheers, Deb

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