Saturday, February 23, 2013

January Part 3: Relaxing

It's quite a while ago now that we were in Bali........and you know there are days I wish I were still there! Here is the view from our hotel window, overlooking the rice fields.

Our hotel (suite) had a wall of windows, wasn't too much of a chore to wake up in the morning I can tell you. Every morning we swam in the infinity pool, the weather was glorious.  The Balinese people are truly wonderful. Incredibly friendly and deeply spiritual.

A highlight of our trip was a visit to the Neka museum.  Wouldn't want to mess with these dudes!

I loved this astrological piece- so patchwork. 

The Balinese painting is so finely detailed - and what beautiful colour.

I decided to take some hand piecing to do,  so a couple more  George III circles were completed.

They were a perfect choice, since I can never get enough direct light when I'm not in my own sewing space.

Mind you I haven't touched this project since I got back - I have another one nearly completed, maybe that's a job for tonight.

The weather has been terribly hot in Melbourne, so not really great for sewing. Wish I could still walk out and jump in that pool.

Stay cool,


Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Part 2: Partying

I'm sure I'm not the only mother (far from from it) who at some point has wondered, "How on earth did this little one

This onesie is so comfie, I hope they keep it for when I'm a big boy.

become this big one?"

Hey Ma, where is my favourite blue onesie?
The days and years slip by as a collection of (mostly) ordinary days, with some extraordinary moments thrown in. The trials and tribulations of babyhood (we had many), childhood (pretty easy) and teenage years (not too bad, with some notable exceptions) seem quite distant and my much adored baby has become my still much adored adult son.

Oh yes, let's not forget his much adored sister.

He'll never guess where I hid his onesie!

To be honest, I'm not much of a party person but DS wanted a party and he wanted it at home. Well how could I refuse? He was turning 21!

So the early part of January was concerned with organising a party, cooking, cleaning and general fretting.  In the end, it went off without a hitch.  No drunks, no gatecrashers, no neighbour complaints, no problem.

I am very happy that DD has really great friends who are pretty chill (and party so often, it isn't really a novelty) so that even though the last of his buds were sent home at around 5am, it was all pretty easy and the damage was broken glass and an "empties" strewn backyard.

 Less than 24 hours later, we would be flying to Bali.

In the meantime, I prepared some piecing to take on holiday (more on that later).  I find that the combination of my poorish eyesight and dull lighting in hotel rooms, means that applique is best avoided.  And another couple of Caswell blocks were completed.

This one is one of my favourites in the quilt.

Some of the blocks are simple - so quick to sew - but still need some embroidery to complete.

Have a great weekend,


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