Sunday, August 18, 2013

A quick post

 is a good post! Or at least, better than no post.

There is little news from my corner of Melbourne.  We are all head down and moving forward through normal work/school activities, hoping for some warmer weather and trying to eek out a little time to do the things we love.

I have only a few months left of being a parent of a school child!  Come November, my lovely girl will be a graduate and looking forward to pursuing her interests in drama.  At the same time my music boy will be heading off to Italy for a jazz course and travelling in Europe. So lots of exciting things to look forward to.

Having finished a new quilt - it was time to spruce up an old one.  I made this quilt quite a few years ago.  It was foundation pieced and hand quilted.  Yes...I do occasionally hand quilt, but I am not very good at and I don't enjoy it that much.

I have the George III quilt on a bit of a go slow, but managed to get another circle completed during the week.  I am a bit behind!

And my next two Caswell blocks.  Not too many to go!  In fact I'm so close to being done with the blocks I'm starting to think about the border.  Might do something different from the original pattern.

I'm not getting around to responding to many comments at the moment I'm afraid.......sorry!  Please know that I value your interest and read all your comments.

Take care,

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Show and Tell

Last week I went to a quilt show in Melbourne and have selected a few of my favourite quilts to show you. As usual it is an eclectic mix!

I do like a thirties quilt, and this one is a stunner.....check the machine quilting!

've seen one or two Dear Janes, but these beautiful citrus colours give the quilt a real ZING in mho.

And if you think Sonia isn't working quite hard enough, KAPOW!

A beautiful version of our Di's Burnt quilt.

Carolyn Konig's amazing version of the Sundial Quilt.

A  Red and Green Classic. 

This is a glorious version of the Mary Brown quilt.


And this rather pretty quilt with the sweet Ric Rac border.

Plenty of eye candy don't you think?

I'm never quite sure what the Quilt Show etiquette is in terms of displaying great work.  I will always try to acknowledge the maker by attaching their details, and if the maker wants me to remove a picture I will. But this is my way of saying....fabulous work ladies!  What do you think?



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