Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Very happy New Year to you all!! Some of you (us) will be H*O*T, some of you will be C*O*L*D and some of you will be W*E*T!! But whatever your climate I hope you have an enjoyable New Year's Eve.

And of course, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Our smaller than normal family spent Christmas Day with my BFFL Claire and her extended family at her sister's place. Claire and I met at school when we were 13 - you could call this a long term relationship! I love her dearly and spending the day with her crew took me back to many hours spent at her house when we were teenagers. We had a great day. Here's Claire (right) and her sister Mary.

And here is my NOD pretending to be an elf. She's the one on the left.

Boxing Day was spent with my family. I made a cake which turned out (alarmingly) to be Barbie Pink.

Not good for the waistline, but it was delicious.

Since the Christmas festivities have been over, I have been pootling around trying to restore order to the chaos that a busy year leaves behind. This requires some major work trying to clear my bookshelf of old stuff to make way for the recently acquired new stuff. So I have been flicking through old quilting mags - throwing out any that I don't need anymore - boy have I generated some recycling! It's quite funny to go back 15 years to see what was cool in Australia it was naive and country style. Even the sewing machines in the ads look ancient.

Have been chipping away at some sewing projects. The borders for Phebe are taking some time at the machine. No progress worthy of viewing right now. My first Lollypop tree block is nearly done. A couple more circles and the stems to go.

It's a riot of colour and so easy to stitch. Just right for the hot weather over summer.

And finally, finally I have finished the centre of Sallie Ann.

I wasn't happy with a couple of fabric choices, so pulled them out and replaced them. I'm much happier now, it would have bugged me forever. And just because I like new beginnings - here is the next block ready to go.

True it's not a new project, but it still feels like a start.

Well nothing you haven't seen before in part - so just because I love you all sooooooo much, I pulled out a UFO to show you.

Started about 1999 and very quick to do. Everything is hand done - even the backgrounds are handpieced. I moved to Sydney about this point and much of my stuff went into storage for a year or so. Once I came back I'd sort of lost momentum so it has languished. It has a very simple floral border partially completed. Very festive isn't it? So my one and only NY's resolution is to get it finished by Christmas 2011. Now if you don't see it as a WIP in the not too distant future, you have my permission to nag me - because I will get distracted.

On that note, a glass of bubbly is calling my name. I shall drink to the health of friends near and far away, including my lovely boy who I am missing dreadfully, but is having a great time in India.

Here's Cheers,


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!

I know it's a bit early - but at the rate I'm posting, I may not be back before Easter.

So many things have been happening since my last post, not many of them are big important things. Just a collection of the day to day highs and lows that keep a working mum busy - too busy.

Let me fill you in on the highlights.

First piece of really good news is that NOS auditioned for music programs and was accepted. I can't tell you how thrilled he was - he was a changed man overnight - I could see how it had been weighing on him all year. It is very difficult to get into a program. They audition around 90-100 guitarists of all ages and levels of experience, and take about 4, so it is a great achievement. Second piece of news, he has now departed on a trip OS with friends, he has been to Malaysia and now should be somewhere in India. Won't be back until early Feb. I can tell you it was so hard to watch him go.........and since he will be gone for the holidays the entire household is a little sad.

My lovely NOD finished up a great year at school and is now social butterflying. She is so gorgeous to have around - especially now that she has adjusted to braces and isn't in quite so much pain. We are planning a week away together, just the girls, hopefully getting up to a bit of mischief on the way.

Remember this time last year when I had terrible car trouble? Well it all started to happen again - but this time my "I've had enough" switch got flicked and I had sold the old car and bought another within a couple of days. Haven't taken a photo yet. It's a swish black VW Jetta avec sunroof. NOD and I will be tres chic cruising up the highway I can tell you (even if we are the only ones who think so!).

Since my last post I have been back up to Sydney twice (unexpected trips) and back to Malaysia, so I have been really busy. So busy I missed the SSS Christmas party - really not happy about that! I vow to not go near an airport for some time. It's been a busy year.

On the sewing front, haven't had much time or headspace. To be honest something just had to take a backseat - I'm hoping to regain some energy and motivation over the next few weeks. I've even taken leave on Christmas Eve (first time in about 10 years I think).

So that's enough of that. I have a couple of photos. First Sallie Ann. I should have been finished this centre a month ago - but hey - can only do so many things before the brain starts to fry.

It's a little bit pink at the moment, but there is more red and less pink around the outside so I think it will balance out. Can't wait to move on to the next bit.

Only other sewing I have done is to start on this Kim McLean design.

I bought the brown background ages ago (when the pattern was first available) and a starter pack of fabric. I cut and basted a large amount of the blocks and then promptly forgot about it and started something else. But the Glorious Applique blog inspired me to pull it out, and I'm enjoying the contrast of colours and shapes.

Well that's me done. Hope to be back soon with these two blocks finished. Until then I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season surrounded by your loved ones.

With much affection,


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