Saturday, October 27, 2012

Just a Quickie

I'm sure a lot of you have already commented on this, but I really hate the new Blogger interface.  I hope they read this! End of complaint.

So I have had a little time to sew, on and off, since my last post.  I have finished Block 7 of Imperial Blooms and am working on Block 8,  so getting towards the end.  I need to get my skates on since I need to start and finish the 2011 BOM before the 2013 one starts (just a little joke there, haha).

Such beautiful detail on these blocks, I'm learning a lot about stitching.

Progress on my other new project as promised.  I have started the Caswell Quilt by Corliss of Threadbear.            

It is a beautiful quilt (don't you agree) and I'm having fun with it.

My computer is killing me today!  Back Soon.



Sunday, October 7, 2012

A New Project and a Progress Report

As you know dear friends, I have been very good over the last months (maybe more than a year), about getting down and dirty with some well loved, but neglected, UFO's.  Although this made me feel quite virtuous, it also left me feeling a little uninspired.  Let's be honest, for some of us, starting is everything.

So in  a moment (or two) of weakness, I succumbed to my starting desire, and started not one, but two, new projects.  OK while we are in the confessional, I will also admit to signing up for an extra BOM (of the Sue Spargo variety).

I'm not revealing all today - too much excitement could lead you all into temptation!  But really, confronted with this, how could you resist?

It's a magnificent, ambitious project, that comes in small doses.  So whilst I can't guarantee that I will keep up, I hope not to get too far behind.

The first month of the King George coverlet, was one beautiful block.

 Not too much work, but the pieces are tincey. I love it already.  The second months pack contains two blocks which I will describe as being full of pleasurable anticipation  (that is, I haven't even thought about starting them yet).

Progress is being made on the very gorgeous 2011 BOM, Imperial Blooms. Block 6 (out of 9) completed (a couple of close ups)

 and Block 7 well under way.

And yes, another treasured project from the past continues to move forward.

I like this block of the Antique Wedding Sampler very much. I've actually lost track now of how far I have to go with this - sometimes better not to count I think.

Hopefully next time I will have the first block of my other new temptation to show you.  It's soooooooo  pretty.

Other than that, today I went to the always enjoyable Quilts in the Barn.  Linda and her very dedicated friends do such a fabulous job with this event, well done everyone.  I didn't take any photos,  but there are  plenty in blogland, for example, check out my sidebar for Buddy & Me.

I hope the lucky raffle winner will enjoy the raffle quilt, lovingly made by the SSS and quilted by Helen Hayes for such a great cause.

Until next time,


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