Sunday, March 31, 2013

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have this beautiful book in my hands! My lovely friend Di dropped a copy in to me this morning, and I have spent some time today feasting on the glorious pictures within.  To me, of course, they are more than pictures, but rather memories from the past 20 years, starting back when I took my first class with Di at Primarily Patchwork.  At that time I was a newish mum, with not many female friends around, and without a clear idea of where my life was headed.

Di's shop was an oasis for me, somewhere I could be just myself and indulge in the process of creating gorgeous quilts.  Of course I was awed by the Primarily Patchwork quilts. Di seemed to be able to conjure something beautiful out of nothing - putting together fabrics in a way that was magical.

The book also holds the promise of things to come. As I was reading through today I was planning which quilt I would make next, and the next one, and the one after that.  My first choice is "Miss Porter", I remember fondling it when Di was making it (I even tried to sneak it out in my bag but I got sprung, lol!). I have a bag of blue and brown goodies all ready to go.

I still count my blessings that the Secret Sewing Sisterhood formed at the shop before Di retired, and this group of women, with Di at the heart, have become so important to me.

It's a beautiful book, reflecting the beautiful person that Di is. Congratulations Di, may you be reprinted many times!

Happy Easter,


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bird Dance Takes Flight

Well it took a little while to wing its way to me, but the first installment of the new Sue Spargo BOM, Bird Dance, eventually flew the coop and has landed here.

When Sue said that the backgrounds would be neutral, I was so hoping for grey rather than beige, and I'm happy to say that grey they are!  Or some would say taupe.  Whatever they are, they are glorious.

Each block is six inches square and each is embellished in a different way. Beautiful pieces of linen, ribbon and ric rac, make each background special and unique.  Indeed, they could make a rather gorgeous wallhanging without further addition.

My other project pictured here, is George III, another two blocks completed.

The one above started in Bali, the one below went to Bali in pieces and came back in the same pieces! I'm always overly ambitious with what I can do on holiday, are you?

 I had a wonderful day yesterday with my sisters.  We all went off to Sue's an hour and a half drive from Melbourne.  Sue has a lovely house, one of the most welcoming that I know.  Thanks Sue.  We were surprised by a sneak preview of something rather marvelous.  Keep your eye open over at SSS to find out what that might be.

 I hope you're enjoying your weekend too!

Happiness always,


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Talk about behind the times!

Did I really spend all February talking about January?  Sure did.  Which is lucky, since February wasn't nearly as action packed.  

All was pretty routine and normal.  Back at work, you know the drill.  Another birthday has passed......those numbers are starting to look big - a bit scary really - how am I ever going use all my fabric - not to mention the fabric I haven't bought yet.

My lovely sisters helped me mark the event painlessly, since it was my turn to host our monthly meeting.  And much to my delight and surprise, they arrived bearing a 2013 Frida Kahlo calendar. Thank you lovely sisters for being so thoughtful.

Not great sewing weather here to be honest, below some more blocks for Caswell which is still bringing much pleasure. Some, like this one,

are very simple, and take no time to do. Here's another that was real quick to sew.

And then there are those that take a bit of time, but are so worth it (I think anyway).

Our sewing group keeps Liptons in business (lol) since so many of our fabrics get a tea bath. It is just enough to take the bright out of the white.

I thought I'd finish up by showing you some more holiday snaps.  Here are a pair of beautiful carved doors at the Neka museum in Ubud.

I love the frame on this one as much as the painting.

We had lunch one day in the mountains, with a spectacular view across the rice fields.

Enjoy your week,


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