Still on the Ark

The joke is probably getting a bit tired now.....but I am out of inspiration, so it will continue until the end of the year.

Over summer I hope to get a couple of quilts to the quilter (they have been collecting dust for months) and Phebe is my project to finish. Too soon to decide what else 2013 will bring, but I'm looking forward to a fresh start for the new year.

So what two blocks have I got to show you today?

Block 3 from the Caswell quilt:

I'm enjoying this project so much, and it's giving me an excuse to buy some new fabric.  Always makes me happy.....I know you will agree.

Second project is the finished Block 8 from Imperial Blooms:

Quite a bit of stitching on this one, but it was so much fun.  Here's a close up:

Yesterday we attended the last CAG meeting for the year.  Such a great day, it's just the therapy I need. The group has become so popular, that a larger venue was needed, and it was still full!

I hope your Christmas preparations are all going well.

Much happiness,



Elaine said…
love your fabric choices for the Caswell quilt, it's going to be a stunner.
Cathy said…
I always love all your work Deb, you are amazing. I hope you get your motivation back in the new year! Call me dense, what is a cag meeting? xo
Kathie said…
I love the caswell quilt block , I really loved the look of the quilt, I would have to buy so much fabric for that quilt, its so soft in colors not colors I normally gravitate towards...oh hmmm a good excuse to buy fabrics like you said....
Jessica said…
The imperial bloom block is stunning! You are working on some wonderful quilts!
Margaret said…
Wow, so beautiful! Always love seeing what you're stitching. Always love an excuse for more fabric, of course. :D
Every Stitch said…
The Caswell quilt block is beautiful - and I like your background stripe - perfect! Thanks for the post :)
Every Stitch
audrey said…
The Caswell quilt block is gorgeous! Love the fabrics you choose!
Karen said…
I like the first applique block in this post. The fabric for the leaves is a nice one. Not what I would have expected for leaves but it works well.
K said…
I am doing caswell and starting imperial blooms in march with a local quilt shop! I love both. Curious if you are using fusible for either? Seam a steam or misty fuse?

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