Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Recent Jaunt

to Sydney gave me an opportunity to visit Material Obsession for the first time. The store has a fantastic collection of fabrics in many different styles. I'm sure anyone who visits will find something that they just can't live without!

If I had been in the "start a new project" state of mind, I would have come away with a suitcase full. But as I have so many things taking up my headspace, I opted for two purchases in kit form.

The first is a version of Amy Butler's Barcelona skirt. I haven't sewn any garments for such a long time now I was a bit nervous. But this is a very straightforward pattern, and I'm very happy with the result. I'll certainly be making more of these!

would have been a better photo if I was wearing it, but noone is here so that would be TOUGH.

The second purchase is a kit containing Kaffe fabrics to make an ottoman. This was NOD's choice and she promised me that she would helpt to make it. Needless to say it is still in the packet. Hmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder how long it will stay there?

It was a delight to meet Kathy. She is so enthusiastic and helpful, wish she was closer!

My sewing this week has been to make some more headway with the Imperial Blooms BOM and to tackle Block 2 of Funky Feathers.

This is Block 3 of Imperial Blooms completed.

Love the centre stitching.

And this is Block 4 ready for embroidery.

Yesterday we had an SSS meeting which was absolutely delightful as always. We missed a couple of the gals including Di who is currently in Holland teaching I think. Message to Petra

"Please send her back soon, we miss her".

I think Kerry will be putting up a post at SSS shortly.

That's it. Feels like some substantial progress made this week.

Now my garden needs some attention and the sun is shining. Life's tough no?

Joy to all,



Margaret said...

Ah, lucky you! I would love to visit Material Obsession! And both your BOM pieces are wonderful -- both pieces I'd thought about joining too. lol! Looking forward to that SSS post.....

Cardygirl said...

Looks like you had a great trip...MO is very inspirational! Love the Barcelona skirt and your BOM's look fabulous!

Liz said...

Now I have to get on the website and find that kit..!! That's exactly what youngest daughter wants for her lounge, I'm thinking maybe Christmas..?? Thanks Deb :o)

Janet said...

What a great looking skirt!! I almost never sew clothes anymore either - takes too much time away from quilting - lol. Your embroidery is so lovely - so many interesting stitches.

Janet said...

What a great skirt, years since I made one. Your blocks look so delicious. I love the look of the kit, you must let us know if the stool is easy to make.

Sue-Anne said...

Love that skirt Deb. The fabric is gorgeous.

I am hoping to visit there one day.

Miriam said...

So glad you had a great trip to Sydney. Love the red florals on your skirt!
Have fun with the BOM blocks. They look wonderful so far.

kathy doughty said...

It always makes me happy to see things from the shop made up! The skirt looks fantastic. If you really have the bug you'll end up with about me. It was fun to meet you and now I know who you are when I read your blog! kathy

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