Sunday, July 10, 2011

Burn Notice

A long semester over and I never want one like that again. This past week has seen work and home return to normal and I am starting to feel a little rejuvenated and I am regaining some energy to think about what I would *like* to do rather than what I *have* to do or *haven't* yet done.

So these photos are a little old now - I took them a few weeks ago but didn't get a chance to upload.

First one is of my completed Block 1 of Imperial Blooms.

It turned out much better than I anticipated and the stitchery was great fun. Here's a close up.

So pretty. I have started Block 2 but nothing too exciting yet.

I also finished Block 5 of Sallie Ann - here it is so you can see the design coming together.

You can see the oval wreath forming. Can't wait to get that sixth panel in!

We had some very special visitors last week, Petra and Nel from Den Haan & Wagenmakers, Carol and Ghys from Quiltmania and Mary and Joe Koval the very well known antique quilt and fabric experts - it's true - can you believe it? More on that next time.

I'm off to have a Harry Potter marathon in preparation for the final movie - tragic I know - but so much fun.

Big Hugs to all,



ElisabethB said...

Hello, I sew and stitch "Imperial bloom " too. And thursday I will go with my both daughters (15 & 13 years old) to a special evening Harry Potter movies too !!!
But I saw on you blog that you sew some wonderful appliqu├ęs !
Elisabeth from France

Heidi said...

Beautiful stitching! When I come out from under the projects I need to complete, I'd love to start a Sue Spargo design. I'll be going to see Harry Potter as well, with daughter and friends - have a wonderful time!

Nicky said...

love the vibrancy of your Sue Spargo and as for applique - absolutely gorgeous, stunning, amazing intricacy, and WoW!

Margaret said...

Ok, I now officially regret not signing up for the Sue Spargo BOM. Gorgeous!!! I love all the detail work! I saw a post about Mary Koval on the Quilts in the Barn blog. She didn't specify it was Koval, but I suspected. Wonderful quilts you got to see - I'm envious! As for the Harry Potter marathon -- I'm going to have to do that as well! DH just finished reading through the series for the first time. He'd given up around book 4 before and never read them all till now. But at the urging of DD, he finally did it. :D

Cardygirl said...

Beautiful stitching...glad you are having some sewing time!

Miriam said...

Sallie Ann is looking great!

Enjoy your holidays

How is your ankle?

Janet said...

Your stitching is beautiful!! I love the colors in this block. I also love the Sallie Ann progress. It will be very rewarding to close the applique oval I think. What interesting guests - I can't wait to hear more :0)

Lisa said...

Your Sallie Ann is looking great! I know I'm going to have to break down and buy that pattern sometime--as well as "Phebe"!

Lori said...

What terrific projects!! Both of them are so beautiful.

Juliann said...

Your Imperial Garden block is lovely. I have done the applique for 3 of my blocks but I am nervous about the embroidery stitchs.

Phebe and Jane said...

I love your Sally Ann quilt. Yesterday evening I went to se the last Harry Potter movie with my 3 daughters. I was a bit sad, because it is the last one. During the growing up of my daughters (eldest is 18 now) the Harry Potter movies were a fixed part of our lives. No more now.
I hope you will have more time for quilting in the future.
Regards from the Nerherlands,

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