Monday, June 13, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

often go astray don't they? My tale of woe involves the upcoming long weekend and my plans for spending it in the garden. You see I haven't had that much time lately, and my garden needs a bit of TLC. Topped off with the fact that I have just had some new garden beds dug out, the weather looked fabulous (probably for the last time until the Spring arrives) and I had some herbs looking for a home. So mid morning Saturday, dressed in my gardening gear I head out to make a start and BAM! CRUNCH! OOOOOOUUUUUCHHHHH! and down I went like the proverbial sack of spuds. Such a small divet, such a loud series of grinding crunches, and a spectacular swan dive into the grass.

Luckily the ankle (or is that a cankle) isn't broken, just badly sprained. Blew up into a black and blue, swollen blanc mangey type affair, that has had me hobbling around like a complete geriatric with a side helping of idiot. But mostly, reclining on the couch with said cankle elevated. Have a WAH!! how much self pity can you stand?

Well I was sure grumpy at my thwarted plans and lack of fresh air and exercise that I am deeply craving. What's a girl to do?? But wait....what's that you say? There are 105 UFO"S in your sewing room... so there are...why don't I do some sewing!!????!!! And of course that's what I much as I could since I can't stand much and I can't get up and down off the ground much. It's amazing how much of that you actually do when you're sewing isn't it?

So to the output. I decided to spend some time with Sue Spargo.

This one has been waiting for some quiet time so I could get going. And I have to say I am enjoying it more and more. I now know how to do coral stitch and couching. And the threads are beautiful, silk, seagrass and lovely hand dyed cottons.

I also spent some time putting the next border on Phebe - here is a bit.

Doesn't look like much progress I know, but believe me there is quite a bit of work in the dogtooth border.

I am just appliqueing over the joins in the next Sallie Ann piece. Five panels now done, only four to go.

And oh yes - a little retail therapy.

This is a fat quarter pack of Grace form 3 sisters. I plan to make this with it. The colous are so gorgeous. I think I may need to buy some yardage too.

Perfect NO? This is a pattern from McCalls magazine. I do love a Christmas quilt.

So as you see, not a completely wasted long weekend, and I guess the gardening can wait.




Ann Marie said...

That is quite a lot of work in the border, and it's looking good. Hope your ankle's better soon.

antique quilter said...

LOVe the PHebe border, oh I know how much work that is just picking out the fabrics ;)
sorry about your ankle but having a weekend in the sewing room sounds like more fun to me!
fun looking at all the projects going on by you...
hope your ankle is better soon

Nicky said...

OUCH! That sounded painful and I hope you are getting better! But every cloud has a silver lining and you have certainly made a bad situation good! Lovely work - I am tempted by the Sue Spargo work but haven't jumped into that one yet...!

Margaret said...

Gosh, I hope your ankle gets better fast. I remember how much sprains can hurt -- ouch! I just love your Sue Spargo -- wow! And the dog tooth borders -- definitely a lot of work! I'm chicken when it comes to that kind of work. lol! Love the stash too. So pretty!

Anonymous said...

Deb at least some good has come from your fall :o) have achieved some beautiful work over the weekend. The fabrics in Phebe's border are stunning.
Hope your ankle mends quickly.

Janet said...

I'm sorry about your ankle. It's so frusterating! I do hope it's feeling better soon.
Your sewing projects are lovely. The stitching on the Sue Spargo block is beautiful. I don't even know what coral stitch looks like :0) Phebe is marvelous - the dog tooth border is wonderful!

Lori said...

I hope you are feeling a little better by now. At least you used your down time productively!!

Liz said...

Hope the ankle is mending Deb. Funny thing that, when I had to rest my leg I actually finished putting my Sue Spargo together..! I'm loving the Imperial Blooms, it's looking beautiful..

PatchworkRose said...

Oh Deb How frustrating about your ankle and painful.
Just as well you had some UFO's to keep your mind off it. Love the peek at Phoebe. She is looking gorgeous.
Take Care

Miriam said...

Ouch!!! How is your ankle today?? I hope it is feeling much better.
Glad you could fill your time with all that wonderful stitching.
Can't wait to see the next installment of Sallie Ann!

Meghan said...

Hi Deb, what a terrible way to start the long weekend. I hope the ankle is improving. Sue Spargo and Phebe are coming along nicely. Looking forward to catching up on Saturday.

Lisa said...

Wow, you got a lot done! The border looks wonderful, and your Imperial Block, too. I'm so behind in those blocks, it's shameful.

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