Sallie Ann under way.

Not much to tell you - just popping in to say hi and show you the beginnings of Sallie Ann.

It's coming together very quickly - doesn't happen very often does it? Actually I have done quite a bit more than this now - show you next time.

Last day of semester tomorrow, have written my revision lecture, and I'm ready to de-stress. Yahoo!

In the meantime - apologies for not replying to your emails of late. I have spent so much time at the computer I have an aversion to even opening the mail, but I do appreciate all of your very kind comments and hope to get back to you soon.

I hope you are all enjoying your sewing as much as I am enjoying mine.




Adele said…
Hello Deb

I too have the pattern and kit for Salli Ann but i bought is so long ago from Di when Primarily Patchwork was open i have to find it too see what colours i have choosen but im not going to look for it as im likely to start it. I really want to finish off my Roseville before i begin on my
20th century flower baskets. Im really enjoying my Roseville quilt process as it using fabric i would of never dreamt of putting together as im diffently a repro girl so im doing that quilt with a pink and lime spot which is quite a challange for me.

Enjoy your applique as much as i do.

Margaret said…
I'm looking forward to watching this one develop -- it's pretty so far! Glad your semester is ending and you can relax a while. I so enjoyed seeing the various pics of the Quilts in the Barn show. I wish I could have attended.
Lori said…
It's nice you can get in a little sewing and it's not all work and study! The block looks wonderful!
Janet said…
Your Sally Ann is coming along very nice. I love the cheddary flowers - they're beautiful! Always happy to see your progress
Cardygirl said…
Salli Ann looks great already. Hope you get a bit of "Deb" time now!
Karen said…
You do very nice applique.
Kathie said…
oh its just beautiful....keep going
Miriam said…
Wonderful progress Deb!!! I love your golden flowers.

Enjoy your break!
Dixie said…
What a lovely start - looking forward to seeing your progress!

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