Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sallie Ann and Phebe

Isn't it exciting starting a new project? I just love it. I have started on the centre panel for Sallie Ann - but before I show it to you, I will show you my progress on Phebe.

I decided to put the pieces that I have finished together to see how it was going and also to tidy up a bit. I have *almost* finished putting together the bottom border and have most of the stars done for the top. I am pleased with how it's coming together.

Now Sallie Ann. First I need a background. This one is a pale yellow and tan. I already have the backing which came from the same range (it has been in my stash for many years).

Then add some greens. Mine are yellow greens which I love - some of them are old some not.

Then add some pinks/reds/cheddars.

OK - I need a pattern - I use a plastic overlay rather than mark the fabric (except for the stems which I do mark).

Sorry - couldn't get far enough away to get a shot of the entire piece.

And now to sew on the stems

AAAAAhhhhhhhhh..............I love starting and luckily I am becoming quite attached to finishing.

Which do you prefer - starting or finishing?

I hope you're having a great day starting, finishing or being somewhere in between.



Cardygirl said...

I love is sort of like the thrill of the chase! But there is a splash of fun in finishing too!

Debby said...

I love the start to...and i do it many!
I love youre work on applique and hope i will be as good as you some time!
Greetings from Debby,
the Netherlands,

Sue-Anne said...

Phebe is looking so beautiful! I am looking forward to watching your progress with Sallie Ann too.

I love starting something new and I really love it when I finish something too, although there hasn't been too much of that lately!

Looking forward to seeing all your quilts tomorrow.

Janet said...

Phebe is looking stunning, I can imagine when all the stars are on how amazing it'll look. I bet I'll want to start my Sallie Ann if you keep tempting me. I love the starts, especially after a finish when I don't feel as naughty.

Erin in MI said...

I love the starting...the finishing is actually somewhat sad to me. It's like I'm losing a friend. Yes, there is the finished product to admire, but I will no longer be able to spend time working on's crazy, I know.

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Phebe is looking awesome!
I love starting - I certainly seem to start more than I finish!

Ann Marie said...

Phoebe looks so good!
I love to start things, and I quite like sewing on binding (the hand stitching part), which I consider finishing. Usually it's somewhere in the middle where I get distracted by another start that keeps me from finishing the first project!

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,
Wow! Your Phebe is beautiful! Fabric choices to die for. I wish I could make softer pretier choices, my fabs always seems to be shouting "look at moi, look at moi". Oh dear.
Look forward to seeing more of Sallie as well.
I tend to start planning new quilts at about the 75% completion mark, love both starting and finishing, it's the in-between where my mind starts to wander. So ADD.

Lori said...

I love starting the best, but there is a lot of satisfaction in finishing too!!
Your phoebe quilt is amazing!!

Kim said...

Deb...Deb Deb Deb....Phebe...stunning!!! You're making me kick myself for not caving in and ordering this when I ordered other things from Threadbear! I'm going to have to bite the bullet I think. It's just GORGEOUS! Do you always use an overlay for your applique? I love starting and finishing. :o)

Anonymous said...

Deb, wow!Your Pheobe is just gorgeous. I am looking that pattern up as we speak, shame on you! Enabling should be a crime, VBG! All kidding aside,your work is just lovely and I really like the color pallet. The Sallie Ann is going to be beautiful too.
I am probably the only person who does not like to start a new project, I love it when a block is almost half way finished and you layer the colors and pieces on one at a time, it is like watching something come to life. My absolute favorite part is adding embroidered details to the block, it just adds another layer to look at.
Will be keeping an eye on your new adventure.

Deb said...

Oh my goodness, Phoebe is absolutely gorgeous. Maybe I should start mine. Starting is the best thing in the world. Of course, I have way too many starts!!

Janet said...

Your Phebe quilt is gorgeous!!! The stars are a wonderful border. I'm excited about your new project. What a beautiful center block of flowers! I love starting something new. It takes determination to finish. But I enjoy so much the finished projects around my home.

shona hando said...

Your Phebe is beautiful. I must get serious about starting my own version!

Julia said...

I love Phebe, she's coming along beautifully..
I love starting something new too, and it's a great feeling when another is finished..
Can't wait for Sally Ann!
Julia ♥

Miriam said...

Deb, your Phebe is stunning!!!

I love the fabrics you have chosen for your Sallie Ann. I have a few fabrics collected, but it will be a while before I can start.

What kind of plastic do you use for your overlay?

Ohhh, I love to start a new project!!
Lots of starts and far too few finishes from me! lol

Taryn said...

Phebe is simply beautiful. I can't wait to see what you add next. I like both starting and finishing but they give me different feelings. Starting is exciting and finishing is satisfying. I think with most things in life, we seek excitment when offered over satisfaction. At least that's what I tell myself to explain why I start so much more than I finish.

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

I love new starts too and Sallie Ann looks gorgeous, especially with your fabric choices. Your Phebe is incredible, especially when i clicked on your photo and saw all the gorgeous details on this quilt. Each time I come to your blog I am blown away by your header quilt! xo

Anonymous said...

Woaw , your Phoebe is amazing ! Are you sewing it by hand ?

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