Sunday, April 21, 2013

No news is good news

I really have nothing  to tell you, but the blocks are mounting up so I thought I would get some photos up.

We have all been very excited about Di's new book, she flies out today to go to Nantes for the Quiltmania launch.  I'm sure she will have a great time in France (well how could you not). We had a wonderful day at CAG last week  for the Australian launch.  Have a look at the Threadbear blog for more info about that.

Otherwise life continues to move forwards in a normal way, work is busy and my two wonderful children are studying hard(ish).

The boy child will be playing at the Melbourne Jazz Festival which is rather exciting, and the girl child is working towards her first performance for the year.

In my spare time, I have been working mainly on Caswell still.

I tampered with the pattern a little on the one above, so it if it is different to yours, don't be concerned!

George III is also coming along, but I must admit to neglecting it a little.  I have two more blocks that I might try and finish before the next mail out. That would be me, up to date, ARE YOU SERIOUS? That's a precedent I may not want to set.


 OK, a Tarte Tatin needs my attention.  Have a delicious week.



Cardygirl said...

Beautiful blocks as always...sounds like the young ones are doing well!

Karen said...

The applique blocks are wonderful. I especially like the first one. The pink fabrics you used are what caught my eye. Well done.

Margaret said...

Such beautiful blocks! So exciting about your kids too -- great achievements! I have Di Ford's book on order here in the States. I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Lori said...

The applique blocks are so pretty!
I miss my musical kids! Enjoy!

Michelle said...

Beautiful applique blocks. I just love the pink...

Carm said...

I love your coswell and georgeIII quilts. I wonder if they are available here in the US?

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