Sunday, March 3, 2013

Talk about behind the times!

Did I really spend all February talking about January?  Sure did.  Which is lucky, since February wasn't nearly as action packed.  

All was pretty routine and normal.  Back at work, you know the drill.  Another birthday has passed......those numbers are starting to look big - a bit scary really - how am I ever going use all my fabric - not to mention the fabric I haven't bought yet.

My lovely sisters helped me mark the event painlessly, since it was my turn to host our monthly meeting.  And much to my delight and surprise, they arrived bearing a 2013 Frida Kahlo calendar. Thank you lovely sisters for being so thoughtful.

Not great sewing weather here to be honest, below some more blocks for Caswell which is still bringing much pleasure. Some, like this one,

are very simple, and take no time to do. Here's another that was real quick to sew.

And then there are those that take a bit of time, but are so worth it (I think anyway).

Our sewing group keeps Liptons in business (lol) since so many of our fabrics get a tea bath. It is just enough to take the bright out of the white.

I thought I'd finish up by showing you some more holiday snaps.  Here are a pair of beautiful carved doors at the Neka museum in Ubud.

I love the frame on this one as much as the painting.

We had lunch one day in the mountains, with a spectacular view across the rice fields.

Enjoy your week,



Margaret said...

Beautiful blocks! Happy belated birthday! I hear you on the stash. lol! Does it stop us from buying more? Nah! :D

Donna~~ said...

Your blocks are lovely! I will need a cat's nine lives to make a dent in my fabric--but I can't seem to stop buying more either. Happy Bday!

Kim said...

Gorgeous work, Deb! You seriously make me want to head down and prep an applique quilt for a change!

audrey said...

wonderful work on your applique blocks! love them.:)

Janet said...

Your blocks are looking gorgeous Deb. I've been dipping into the tea bags with some fabrics too. Parisian essence works well I found.

Taryn said...

Your blocks have me wanting to add more pinks and blues to my fabric stash. And what a beautiful trip you took! It is literally a different world to what we have here in Washington (in so many ways).

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