Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy 2013!

I hope your year has started with a bang!  This year I decided to make NO resolutions, since usually I'm lucky if they last until the end of January.  But I did decide that at least for January, I would try to get a little more R&R and spend some time doing the things I really enjoy.

So I am taking some leave AND trying very hard not to read email - except for those marked URGENT. So far so good. I have spent lots of mornings mooching around the house, particularly in my sewing room...and quite a few hours on the couch watching cricket - not that I like cricket, but this is where number one son can often be found, and it's a good place to chat.

My general slothing was interrupted by the need for me to organise a party for DS's 21st birthday which went off with a bang.  After a day of recovery, we hopped on a plane, destination Bali.

We have had a great week here and we head home later today.  Sadly I can't upload photos on my iPad........but will do so shortly after I return.

Enjoy your day



K said...

Bali is gorgeous! I can't wait to see some pics on your blog

Margaret said...

Happy 21st birthday to your DS! Bali -- wow!

Miriam said...

Happy New Year Deb. Hope you had a great time in Bali.
Looking forward to photos on your return.
A belated Happy Birthday to your DD!

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