Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's been such a long time

Doesn't life get busy?  And there is not enough time to do everything. For me it has meant that I have been too overcommitted to think about sewing much, so nothing to show you on the blog. In fact the only sewing I have been doing up to the last couple of weeks has been on my treasured third Saturday of the Month with the SSS. Without them I think I would have imploded!  But things seem to have settled at least for now, and I am trying to get my mojo back.

I have had a problem with my foot, and ended up having a biopsy a couple of weeks ago (which luckily was all fine). However it meant that I spent a weekend not being able to walk much and had a hankering to do some knitting.

This is a Kaffe Fassett pattern. Not too difficult to knit, but the yarn is fine so it grows slowly.  I love the way he uses colour, have done for 30 years!  I will show you when it's done.

Nothing to show you of quilting interest (that I have done), but I have finished panel 7 of Homage to Sallie Ann and started on 8 (of a total of 9) so the end is near.  In the meantime, to keep me motivated - or at least to kick start my interest again, I have been to a couple of shows.  One was the local Essendon quilters show a couple of weeks ago.   A bit of retail therapy cheered me up no end, and a few lovely quilts.

I've always loved the Whig Rose pattern, and this was a really fine version.


A lovely quilt by one of our sisters. Nice job Kerry (hope you're feeling well).

Some hexagon madness, which I loved particularly for the fine quilting.

This one appealed to my love of red and the colour saturated Kaffe fabrics.

I liked that this had its main detail in the border rather than the centre!

And this one just appealed

I shall post some photos from AQC shortly, lovely quilts if you can get there tomorrow.

So that's my toe dipped in the water..........I have missed all my blogging friends, and as usual have been lurking to see the gorgeous things you have been making but haven't had time or headspace to leave comments.

A special thank you to Lisa from Stray Threads, who sent me some beautiful fabric, and I thought I had said thanks, but apparently only in my head rather than in the real world!  That about sums it up!

Happy days,



Cardygirl said...

So glad to "see" you back and hear what you have been up to. Hectic lives leave us little time to pursue our creative interests. hope all is the knitting and the quilts you shared!

Taryn said...

Thanks for the pictures from the show. The quilts are quite beautiful. I look forward to seeing more of your work as you ease back into quilting. I know exactly how life can squeeze that out but we suffer without the creative outlet.

Margaret said...

It's good to see a post from you. Glad the foot biopsy was negative. Whew! The knitting. Ahem. Not fair!!!! I so want to learn how to knit with color!!!!!!!! That is gorgeous! Why is it that you know how to do everything? And always so beautifully too. Sigh. Can't wait to see more on that sweater. What is it going to be? The quilts are lovely at the show. I think the one that strikes me most is that one with the complex pattern in the border. Wow. Just wonderful! Hope you get your mojo (and time for the mojo) back soon! I've been having mojo problems too. lol!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear all is well...I was just wondering the other day how things were in Deb's world! Love the knitting and quilts you have shared...enjoy AQC tomorrow. K

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Welcome back Deb! That Kaffee knit looks beautiful! I hope you have your mojo back soon!

Heather said...

Happy to see your return. Thanks for sharing the wonderful quilts. And I love that Kaffe knitting, beautiful!

Meredith said...

The pictures from the show are great. Glad to hear all is well.

antique quilter said...

glad to see a post from you! Think of you and wondering what your working on, hopefully that mojo returns quickly always love seeing your work and the wonderful quilt group you belong to, now tell me how could you not be inspired to quilt after spending a day with all of them?

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