Sunday, September 18, 2011


in book form. I just love these books, two new ones that came a couple of weeks ago.

History repeated is relatively new and it is THE BEST book of pieced quilts that I have ever seen. Quite a few projects in there that I will make. If you haven't got it, trust me , you need it.

What have I been doing? Well working on block 2 of Imperial Blooms

applique done ready for embellishment.

Doing the motherly thing - a warm woolly for NOS who spends too much time out in the cold elements.

Although he is skinny as a rake he is very tall - so knitting a jumper takes a lot longer than it use to due to the length!

And finally, some more photos from the recent Quilts in the Barn.

Linda and Bev both made versions of this quilt. I just love it.

A wall of little quilts - I'm sure Kathie would have swooned!

A real beauty made by our Meghan.

Gorgeous use of border fabrics.

I understand this will be in Jo's new book. It was a lovely exhibition, all the quilts were made predominantly from Jo Morton fabrics and they were just stunning. Thanks to Linda and her team of tireless quilt enthusiasts for arranging such an INSPIRATIONAL show.

PS. On a previous post I showed some photos from a show, and wasn't sure of the makers. I was contacted by one who said this about her quilt:

It is completely hand quilted at 19stitches to the inch. It took year of work and I was absolutely thrilled to win the three ribbons. It was also a thrill to come onto your website and see you had shown it! Thank you! The red border was reverse appliqued and took F O R E V E R !
Meredith Nye

Thanks for contacting me Meredith. Your quilt is lovely and worthy of another look!


Margaret said...

History Repeated is on my wishlist -- want to get it for sure. Love your Imperial Blooms -- so pretty! And the quilt show looks so lovely. Wish I could have gone.

Sue-Anne said...

I too was interested in how all those fabrics were used in the quilts.

I will keep a look out for History Repeated - sounds like a good one.

Kim said...

Lovely pics! Aren't Jo's quilts the best??? OMGosh civil war small group loves every. single. quilt in that book! Many are on my to-do list already. I book to come along in a loooong time! Great to 'see' you! :o)

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

I always love your posts Deb, so full of inspiration and amazing blocks, books and quilts. Thanks for the heads up about History Repeated too, I will look out for it. xo

Lisa said...

Oh, your Imperial Blooms is wonderful! I love seeing all the quilts, but I love the medallion one by Meaghan. Right up my alley.

Janet said...

I had a look at the first book at the local shop, it is great and I think I'd love to get the second one too. All the quilts I've seen from Quilts In The Barn looked fabulous. Meredith's quilt looks amazing.

antique quilter said...

you know me well! I would have loved to see Jo's quilts all together, what an amazing display.
I love that quilt made by Meghan, wow!
The quilt by Meredith I would love to see that close up! did you take more pictures?
I agree that is the best book printed in a long time! History REpeat, I too will be making a few of those quilts!

Cardygirl said...

That book sounds good. What lovely quilts! Love the super long & skinny jumper...what a good mum!

Janet said...

What a great sweater - I need to learn how to knit. Thanks for sharing your pictures from the show - so many ideas there. How exactly does a person get 19 stitches to the inch?!?

Miriam said...

I bought another of Betsy Chutchian's books recently, so History Repeated is on my list.
Great jumper! How long did it take to knit?

Meredith's quilt really is amazing!! Thank you for sharing!

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