Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quilt show part 2

When we visited Linda's event to meet Mary, there was also some show and tell!

A few of my favourite quilts here from some very talented quiltmakers. Sorry I don't know the names of the makers. If you see your quilt let me know and I will put your name up (or remove the photo is you would prefer).

I think this is Bev's version of Mary Mannakee - isn't it gorgeous?

I love this one for its very unusual setting.

I love these quilts. The quilt hangers are Joe Koval on the left and Brian Hall (new husband of Di) on the right. Thanks guys - great job.

I also have some more quilts to show you from our quilt show.

Isn't this brilliant?

This one has clever use of border fabric.
This one by Esther Aliu - a pattern is available through her website. The photo doesn't do it justice - quite gorgeous.

So what am I doing? Well still chipping away - buying a little fabric for some future projects.

And the next Sue Spargo block arrived

I hope to have some progress to show you shortly, but until then,

Happy quilting,



Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Wow Deb, incredible quilts here!! Thanks for sharing all they divine eye candy! xo

Janet said...

Wow, what gorgeous quilts, there's some serious talent your way. Glad to hear you're still nibbling away with yourprojects.

Margaret said...

Loved the quilt show! Such gorgeous quilts! Love your new fabric -- and love the new Sue Spargo block too!

Taryn said...

Thanks for sharing those beautiful quilts photos. I am quite impressed with the talent!

Hel├┤Zanardi said...

Wow! They are beautiful! Wonderful!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the show and tell! I am behind on my Sue Spargo blocks, so I'd better get busy with them.

Lori said...

What amazing quilts!

Miriam said...

Some amazing quilts there!!
Thank you for sharing.

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

These quilts are so beautiful, thank you for sharing...and I adore the quilt and quilting in your header picture!

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