Advice needed please!

Hello dear friends. Just popping in to show you some progress on my Imperial Blooms (Sue Spargo) BOM - I know some of you are keen to see it.

I have completed the applique section and ready to tackle the embroidery. Not quite sure how that will go - not much of an embroiderer actually.

It's easy to do the wool applique since no turning is required - but I'm not sure if I'm doing it well/correctly. Here is a close up.

Does that look OK to you who may be quite experienced at this? Because the needle is thick and the threads in the fabric are to, sometimes the stitching almost frays the edges (does that make sense?) and it looks a bit rough to me. I'm hoping that the embroidery will disguise that a bit.

Any advice will be appreciated. Hope all is well with y'all.

Back soon.



Cathy said…
I'm no help cause I've not done wool applique, but it looks great to me!!! xo
Lizzie said…
It looks fine Deb, I'll have to do a close up of mine so you can see it. I'm not doing any embroidery until I've finished appliqueing the blocks (Crimson Tweed). Did you get the link for the Quilt Show episode with Sue in it? You can see some close ups of her stitches in it. I had some trouble with the velvet the first time I used it but I seem to have the hang of it now :o)
Dorothy said…
Hi Deb,
It's looking good. I like to whipstitch around the edges using Aurifil 'Lana". It's a wool'thread' on spools and does a lovely job. Some felted wools do fray a bit when stitching. I just use fusible web[vilisofix] under those ones or even the Stop Fray works.These stitches can be seen. It's not like needleturn. Make them bigger if it helps.
Kathie said…
looks beautiful to me!
its a beautiful block oh those wools and colors are just so nice
Margaret said…
Oh it looks wonderful! I've never done such things, so no advice here, but to me, it looks like any other work I've seen online. Gorgeous! When you get tips, you can pass them to me so I can learn. lol!
Cardygirl said…
Looks great! That is how mine looks...sometimes I do a fine one strand buttonhole if the prim look bothers me!
Janet said…
It looks great to me but I've never done it. I see you have the thumbs up which should make you feel confident to carry on.
Lori said…
It looks wonderful to me. I understand what you are saying and I dont think there is anything that can be done about it. In the end it all looks fantastic together.
Nyla said…
Sounds like you've gotten advice from those with the expertise so I'll leave it to them, but it looks really lovely to me. Happy stitching!
Jane in Wales said…
It looks lovely to me. Love the colours. I haven't done this either.
Lisa said…
Deb, I have close-up photos of each stitch on this block on my Yahoo group woolstitchery. I sent you an invitation so you can see them there. It might help you.
Brenda said…
Deb everything you describe is how i feel about mine too I'm just going with the flow and what will be will be.
Sandi said…
When you use a velvet or cotton make sure you have a seam allowance to turn under. It's hard to see if your inner piece is velvet or wool.

You are doing a lovely job and when you do your embroidery and embellishments you won't see small flaw.

Welcome to the wonderful world of wool!
Its fine! No way is the wrong way. And it looks great! And once you get all the fancy stuff on there you won't even notice.
Anonymous said…
Love your quilt at the top of your blog. Is there a pattern available for this quilt?

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