Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another quilt show (PART 1)

Good morning dear friends. I have been trying to get some photos of the AQC up since last weekend but alas have had no time. By now you will have probably seen many of these quilts at other sites, oh well, hopefully something new will appear here.

If you are not from Melbourne, the show is held at the old Exhibition buildings - truly beautiful building surrounded by lovely gardens. I didn't think to take a photo, but luckily Sue -Anne did - go have a look here.

I will post the photos in installments - otherwise the post will be huge. So today a few of my favourites.

My absolute favourite was a version of the Wickersham quilt. When I first saw the pattern, I didn't really like it but this version is fab! I think the sashing makes all the difference, don't you agree?

I absolutely love the clear colours in this quilt - and of course the geometry appeals to my maths brain.
Here are a couple of close ups.

The white dots are wool felt blanket stitched on - genius!

These two close ups are of quilts that were featured in Quiltmania a few months ago. I really like them - one reminds me of Christmas decorations.

I didn't think to take bigger photos sonce I already had them in the mag - sorry - thoughtless of me.

This one is a very nice reproduction of a quilt in Anette Gero's book The Fabric of Society.

A close second favourite was this one

Not your traditional quilt - quite medeaval - the background is like a brick arch. I took a close up of the machine quilting because it was like a mosaic.

So much talent out there!

Not the best photos - but the lighting was bad at the show with lots of natural light coming through the windows behind the quilts - made it hard to photograph.

I will have some more photos to show soon.

In the meantime I'm working on the second applique border for Phebe (and nothing else). A photo of the first one over at SSS.

I hope you enjoy some of the work that our talented Aussies are producing. Have a lovely weekend.



Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Beautiful quilts here Deb, thanks so much for sharing them, I wasn't able to get there in the end so lovely to see some of the talent here! (really missed meeting you, hopefully we will be able to meet sometime soon!). Can't wait to see more. xo

Janet said...

What talent! They are all gorgeous but that last one is something else. Thanks for the photos, I'll look forward to more.

Sue-Anne said...

Fantastic pics Deb. It was an excellent quilt exhibition. Helen's Wickersham is beautiful, it is also one of my favourites and I loved the red one made out of the scraps.
Hope you are making good progress on Phebe, I have come to another standstill as I psych myself up for the tiny cherries on the trees!

Cardygirl said...

Everything looks fabulous & oh so inspiring! Glad you had a great time & thanks for the pics! Hope you get some more of Phebe done. Happy Mothers Day!

PatchworkRose said...

Just love the photos Deb, Thankyou. Have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow.
BTW Irene made the Dancing Dollies from the Original quilt in Ayres House Adelaide. That Quilt was 5 years in the making. Irene is a member of our PW group

Lori said...

Wow! Those quilts are really spectacular!! The Aussies seem to put forth every effort to make smashing quilts!!

Kim said...

Love the quilt pics, Deb! Such stunners!!! And I hopped over to SSS and checked out your Phebe border! LOVE! Have a wonderful day!

ranette said...

I'm just stunned at the talent and skill all of you Aussie's have. The red quilt blew me away...instant love.

Thank you for sharing your photos Deb, I thoroughly enjoyed them!

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