Saturday, March 26, 2011

I saw a documentary this week

where the claim was made that a messy workspace is the sign of a creative mind. I offer this photo as evidence that I have a very creative mind.

My office at work is actually just as bad! It's amazing that I can find anything but actually I can do it better than if I tidy up. So this is now going to be by mantra when anyone comments on my apparent shambolic existence - I have a very creative mind!

The last few weeks I have been working exclusively on Sallie Ann - trying to finish the first corner block. Nearly there

I really love the way it's coming together. It's a soft and pretty piece and surprisingly relaxing to work on, since all the colour choices are made in the centre.

As a consequence my Imperial blooms project hasn't developed much. The third month's materials arrived, but I haven't even finished month one.

I'm sure I will get into it when the weather cools off. A bit humid in Melbourne to be handling wool.

Oh - and some inspiration. You may have already seen this book in blogland

so many gorgeous vintage style crochet projects suitable for teenage girls and their middle aged mothers.

Movie Review: Me and my girl went to see "Griff the Invisible" last night. I'm not sure you will be able to find it if you live outside of Australia, but if you can it is well worth it. It is very quirky, original, Australian humour, about a couple of 20 somethings who live in their own make believe worlds. Great acting and production and a lovely message about accepting people for who they are. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tomorrow I'm off to the footy with my boy, and Monday I am videoing some of the band's last night at the Evelyn where they have been playing for quite some time. So not much sewing will be happening.

Hope you are all having a great weekend - relaxing, enjoying family and remembering that there is life outside work.

Big Hugs,



Anonymous said...

Who cares about mess as long as YOU can find what you want! Love how your Sallie Anne is coming along - it looks like the outer blocks form an oval around the centre? Gorgeous.

Janet said...

I must be creative too, lol. Good to know.Sallie ann is looking beautiful, keep going.

antique quilter said...

no doubt in my mind that your creative :)
If you can find it who cares????
that book looks interesting, my DD loves to knit and wants to attempt crocheting this summer will have to look into it, thanks!
oh Sallie Ann looks so beautiful, you have made a lot of progress!
keep going you will have her done before you know it!

Margaret said...

So is a messy house a sign of a creative mind too? lol! I hope so! :D I love your Sally Ann! So gorgeous! That BOM looks pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing your first block all done sometime. I've been curious about how this piece will look since I passed up on it. I want that crochet book! But since I'm a beginning crocheter, I sort of figure I'd be lost with a Japanese language crochet book (I have no knowledge of how to read those chart things). Sigh.

ranette said...

Yeah! It's good to know that I'm in such good company with a messy workspace (at home and at work), but I will tell you that there is organization in that mess.

Love Sallie Ann....

I wish that I could see the movie, because I'm a quirky movie person. Maybe on Netflix in the future.

Frances Leate said...

I can also join the "creative" club as I am always surrounded by mess. Love the way your Sallie Anne block is coming together. Happy stitching!

Michele said...

Thanks for the movie tip, I immediately added it to my Netflix queue for when it's released to video.I have always enjoyed Australian movies. Sallie Anne is going to be a winner. By the way, I also work in "controlled chaos" until it becomes uncontrolled, then I have a clean up. Too tidy is the sign of an uncreative individual.....That's my story, and I'm sticking to it! Michele

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Me too, I must be v creative!! Love the look of that book. Have fun at the footy! xo

Brenda said...

My Imperial blooms has the same progress as your - still doing block one. Have o say I'm loving the packages as they arrive each month and it will get done - one day!

Cardygirl said...

I must be very creative at the moment! LOL! Your applique is growing nicely!

SewWhatsNew said...

Gorgeous quilts and a great blog. Thanks for sharing your work. This week the door to my studio is closed. Too much creativity going on there :-D

Taryn said...

Here's to life outside of work. Thanks for the reminder that it is there. I am off to embrace it. Oh, thanks too for pointing out that I must be Michelangelo judging by my office and sewing space.

Anonymous said...

Hello Deb, I just wanted to say how I love your progress on the Sallie Anne quilt, your fabrics are perfect and stunning. It is going to be a beautiful quilt. Ann

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