Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A short progress report

Battling off a nasty virus for the last week or so - everyone on Melbourne seems to have had it - means that my energy levels haven't been great. I'm *almost* ready to start complaining about the cold weather and rain, but hey, you gotta love the fact that the drought seems to have broken.

And besides - I'm leaving on a jet plane next Friday to the sunny side of the world. Barcelona here I come, oh and La Manga ......oh and yes a weekend in Paris on the way. Now don't feel sorry for me - I know it's tough - but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.

If you have any addresses for your favourite patchwork or needlework shop in any of these places - do tell! I will have time to visit. And I should say - this is all WORK not holiday (at least that's my story).

So - what have you been up to? Fabulous projects I have seen while dropping in silently to your blogs. Fantastic creativity and inspiring work - I'm itching to start something new. But I'm still showing discipline!

We have another machine quilter (other than Helen) who we send work from our group to - Katrina. Merri had a quilt booked in but then realised that she didn't have a backing! So being an opportunist - I jumped straight in - Merri was kind enough to offer her spot to me and we delivered Pennsylvania to Katrina last week. Of course I hadn't quite finished it when the offer came up so a few candles were burned getting it ready. Of course that means I ran out of the house without taking a photo! Sorry........ hopeless I know. Here are the last photos of it I have.

A close up of the centre.

The backing fabric is called Washington's Legacy. Looks good together I think.

Apart from that I'm just pottering around. Trying to attach the binding to DNQTTT - it's big and heavy so this is a big job. And I've gone back to GTASB to piece together the blocks. Here are the final blocks for the project.

I think this is called Lily - but I could be wrong!

Some pinwheels,

and the beginnings of putting it all together.

Some filler blocks need to be attached to make the whole thing go together. It's quite fun - I'm hand piecing the whole thing.

By the time I return it will be almost time for the show! If you are interested there is an article about our group in the current issue of Patchwork and Stitching magazine. It gives the dates of Quilts in the Barn, but I will also post them before I leave next Friday.

Until then, stay well!


antique quilter said...

I am so happy for you that you finished the quilt and its being quilted
this quilt is just beautiful....
ah a trip to Paris, what a hard job :)
glad your feeling better...

Kim said...

Deb I cannot wait to see the quilt all in its quilted glory! And I wish I was heading to those destinations! WOW! Have a great time!

Margaret said...

I love your quilt!! You are always making beautiful things -- such eye candy!

ranette said...

I am excited to see Pennsylvania all's just a beautiful and amazing quilt.

Have a wonderful's sounds fun! Here's a quilt shop in Paris that I wanted my hubby to go to when he was there for business, but he didn't have time.

Adele said...

Your quilt looks lovely Deb. I have the pattern but yet to start it. You habe fun on your overseas trip and make sure you blog to tell us of your adventures and of course that trip to Paris.

Adele xx

Lori said...

Have a fantastic trip!!
The PA quilt is gorgeous. I look forward to seeing it after it's quilted.

Janet said...

Your Pennsylvania quilt looks beautiful in progress. I look forward to seeing it quilted! Sounds like a very glamourous work trip :0) Have a great time.

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

So sorry to hear you have been unwell Deb, there has been a lot of nasties going around this winter! I too am looking forward to spring, but thankful for the rain. Your Pennsylvania looks fabulous, can't wait to see it once it is quilted. Gorgeous blocks.
Have an awesome trip, I hope you find plenty of shops to help fill your stash! Safe Travelling. xo

Liz said...

Have a fabulous time jetting around our planet won't you, not that I've turned green or anything you understand.. :o)
Looking forward to seeing your quilt finished..

Anonymous said...

Oh Deb its lovely! Look forward to seeing the finished quilt back from the quilters - love the backing (just bought some of the same!) Lucky you to be going on such a jaunt...we await with baited breath for photos and news.

Miriam said...

Bon Voyage, Deb!!! Can I stow away in your luggage??? lol!

I hope you are back to full health before you leave.

The Pennsylvania quilt is looking magnificent! I love that backing fabric.

Travel safely.

Anonymous said...

Your quilt is just beautiful. Absolutely love the colors and the appliqué is just beautiful. Great job!


Sue-Anne said...

I am dying to see a photo of Pennsylvania all finished, it looks beautiful from what you have shown.

Have a wonderful trip away!

Monica said...

I just love your work!

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