Over the border!

Well nearly but I couldn't wait any longer to show you how it was coming on. The four applique borders are now attached and I am working at the corners - there are applique pieces that go over the mitre. Since I took the photo, I have completed the top two corners and now just have the bottom to do, so hopefully by the weekend it should be done. I have also finished 3/4 of the next pink dogtooth borders, so things should move along quickly - fingers crossed.

It's not often that I'm this focussed. Having a deadline, and the blog has helped me stay on track.But now my mind has started to wander on to the next applique project, since there will be no more hand sewing to do for Phebe. Do you do this too? Think about the next 10 projects before you have finished the current one? I can't help myself - need to keep looking forward. So many things out there to tempt me - and then some ideas of my own. Who knows...................

Anyway - just a quick post for today to show you Phebe. We are up to the lovely Sue's this weekend for SSS. I do love going to Sue's - she really spoils us - she is such a great cook and generous person. I have a special Morrell quilt edition planned for the SSS blog - and we will be taking some photos this Saturday, so stay tuned over there next week.

Until then - I hope you are enjoying your now as well as planning for your then.



PS> Do you like my new do? I wanted to change my header photo so I needed a new background. Looks quite dramatic I think.


Adele said…
Hi Deb

Love the Phebe quilt it is coming along nicely. Had the quilt kit made up for me by Threadbear to do once I get my holidays.

Can't wait for the Morrell section you are doing I am purchasing that quilt kit tomorrow along with 19th Century Basket kit.

Tax man was very good to me this year :)

Love your blog.

Adele xx
Lizzie said…
Oh Deb, I'm very impressed! She's looking amazingly beautiful, I'd be doing a happy dance if she was mine...
Love the new look, of course the header photo is most impressive on it's own, the red just sets it off beautifully.
See you at Jeff's???
Jessica said…
Your new look is fantastic, I love the header pic! Is it one of your works?
Phebe is looking great!
Margaret said…
Oh my! I love how Phebe looks! And I love your blog header too! How about sending Phebe my way when you're done? lolol! Absolutely gobsmackingly gorgeous!
Miriam said…
Love your new header!
I can't wait to see your Morrell special!! :)
Your Phebe is coming along really well.
I also think 10 or dozen projects ahead of what I am making....I tend to always have several things on the go at the same time.
I can't wait to see what you start next. It is sure to be gorgeous!!!
Caron said…
I love the new look... and your borders are beautiful! Keep up the good work.
Kim said…
Deb....stunning...just stunning! She's going to be GORGEOUS, but then we already knew that!
Janet said…
It's looking beautiful Deb! I have a list that my mind wanders to all the time. I'm looking forward to some Morrell news. Nice new do on the blog.
Lori said…
That is amazing!!! You are staying focused adn that is a good thing!!
Teresa said…
Love, Love, LOVE this quilt!! You are doing such a beautiful job on it! I think the fabrics are perfect. You make me want to do this quilt!

And yes, I'm ALWAYS thinking about10 quilts beyond what I am currently working on (or more correct - beyond the ten quilts I'm currently working on!!). I'm glad I think this way about quilting and not about marriage/men! I definitely have a scoundrel mind when it comes to quilting.

In stitches,
Teresa :o)
Brandie said…
Phebe is beautiful and your new quilt is a perfect new header. The red is a fabulous way to showcase the quilt. Can't wait to see more of phebe.
susi said…
dear deb,phebe is just gorgeous,i would like to make her too,maybe,have a nice time,susi
ranette said…
Deb...I'm just stunned, as usual, with your wonderful work on Phebe. It's such a gorgeous quilt and yes like you, I'm always thinking of the next project as the current one starts to "wind down".
Kathie said…
just beautiful
I am even more isnpired to start this quilt every time you show a picture of it!
congrats for getting so far so fast on this quilt! its going to be beautiful
Cardygirl said…
Oh Deb...your blog looks stunning...elegant & dramatic! Phebe looks beautiful....you have been very focused! I tend to lose focus at some stages, but once that finish line is in sight I tend to be very good! Have a great weekend.
Sue-Anne said…
Phebe is looking wonderful! I clicked on the photo to enlarge it and shudder to think of all the work involved in those borders.
I can totally relate to thinking about the next project - that's why I have way too many going at once!
Love your new look.
Linda C said…
Your Phebe quilt is looking stunning. Can't wait to have a good close look in October!!!
Di visited yesterday with the raffle quilt. Another stunning group quilt from an amazing bunch of women. Thanks for all your hard work.
Did l hear Jeff's shed? Are some of you planning to meet up and when?
Julia said…
Love the Phebe quilt it is coming along nicely.
It's looking beautiful Deb! my mind wanders to all the time to the next 10 projects I'd like to do.
Love the header..and the red sets it off so well.
Julia ♥
Hilda said…
Hi Deb,
Phebe is SOOO lovely ! just love the colours and fabrics. What is the background fabric ? great choice - nice and vintage looking.

Looking forward to your Morrell news - I have the pattern and collecting fabrics, waiting to start. It's going to be a wonderful challenge...

Thanks for the great blog - so inspiring.
Karen said…
Stunning Phebe!!!!! And, lovely header. The red is perfect with it. I almost used the red for one of my blogs, but ended up going with a rich brown.
Janet said…
Wow - your Phebe just gets more and more lovely! I always wondered how other quilters tackle the corners with a border applique. I just love your border! Yes - I'm ALWAYS thinking about the next applique projects - I hate being without handwork and there are so many things I want to make! :0)
jean said…
Hi Deb

Have just managed to catch up on a bit of blog surfing.
Your Phebe is amazing, you must be really thrilled.Will look forward to more as you complete it.
Sue said…
Your Phebe quilt is Beautiful. I am not an expert appliquer, but this is one that I am going to do. Thanks for sharing it. I love the background and header too. You are right, very dramatic.
Ivory Spring said…

Your Phebe is over the top BEAUTIFUL! I just found your blog... enjoyed the visit.

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