Thursday, April 8, 2010

Post Easter Post

Hello everyone - whether or not you celebrate Easter, I hope you had a fabulous break with plenty of time to spend with family and your favourite sewing project.

Easter is the holiday I love the most - no, not because of the chocolate - but because the weather in Melbourne is so glorious at this time of the year. And also because it is a long enough break to do something without being too long. The Uni shuts Friday through Tuesday and the kids are on holidays from school. I took an extra days leave on Thursday - and made the road trip to sewing at Clare's accompanied by my darling daughter and two of her friends. It was a lively ride! We had a great day - thanks Clare, I really needed you all.

NOS took off camping with his mates - the rest of us plus another of NOD's friends took off to Apollo Bay for a few days. A lovely seaside town - very relaxing. Of course I always pack plenty of sewing when I go away - and actually do - none. When will I learn?

Nevertheless, here is a little progress to show

these are the last of the GTASB for March. The April pack arrived

and very exciting, has the making up instructions, so when I have finished these blocks I will start putting together the top and then I guess the borders will come in May. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed this project, I will be glad to finish it since I have many jobs to do before the exhibition.

I am putting the last couple of pieces on my Phebe centre - finally found the last bits of fabric to do the job - believe me I auditioned many! In the meantime I have been getting some of the other frames done - like this one

I love the pink in this. It's from Windham - called New Nation.

After this is all together I will start the applique borders. But to tell you the truth - I'm missing my MM project, so I think I will do a block of that first.

And since I haven't talked flowers for some time - here are some snaps

a new hibiscus I just planted

a rose I put in a year ago - it's a beauty - repeat flowering - very prolific -called Many Happy Returns.

Another new plant - a Delbard rose, gorgeous old fashioned shape and yellow colour.

And finally a book I bought. I love bulbs and this is a major reference on the subject - superb photos. It is written for the USA but I can deal with not having an Australian climate map in there - I have plenty already - so it shouldn't be a problem.

I hope you enjoy the lovely weather if you are in Melbourne. I promise to have Phebe up on the weekend.

Take care and happy gardening,



antique quilter said...

glad you had a great little vacation, we all need those!
great to see some sewing going on....
looking forward to seeing Phebe

Lori said...

Regardless if you got any stitching done it's nice to know you COULD have if you wanted:)
Your new blocks look like a lot of fun.

Cardygirl said...

LOL...we always pack far too much sewing...eyes bigger than our stomachs or something like that! Your GTASB looks great...nice to be nearly there. Phebe is progressing...glad all is well down your way!

Sue-Anne said...

I love Easter too because of the weather. It was beautiful up here in N E Vic. Looking forward to seeing Phebe. I have just about finished appliqueing the top part of the centre and am now starting to work on the people, sheep and those dreaded little berries. I love your sawtooth border fabric, that will be my next problem as far as fabric selection goes. Your flowers are gorgeous.

Karen said...

Beautiful garden photos. Spring is in the air here with lots of rain and everything is now turning green. Excellent GTASB blocks.

Janet said...

I'm glad you had a good Easter. The one time you don't pack sewing is when you want it. You're going great on your bom, managaing to keep up is something I have trouble with. Looking forward to seeing Phebe.

Taryn said...

Reading this post is the first time I realized your are affiliated with the uni. Me too! I don't teach--I admit. I, too, love the Easter weather. Our break is from the cold, however.

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